Re Curling A Synthetic Wig

Ever since I started watching YouTube videos which was years ago there are always new videos all the time. I had heard that it was possible to curl a non heat style able synthetic wig. There are the ones out there that you can use heat on but most of them you can’t. Mind you it has all been a trial and error and its very easy to make a curly wig straight but its harder I think to curl a wig. Because you can’t just use a curling iron because the curl won’t stay and you’re more likely to melt the fiber with the wand. You can also melt it by using a flat iron but not if you run it through quickly on a low setting.

I tried to re curl the Adriana wig by Jon Renau a few years ago and that was a hot mess. The photo below is what it looks like when it comes in the box, I don’t have any of what I did to it. As I said it was a hot mess and it went to the trash.



I did not have any foam curl rods and it turned out to be a huge mess. But this time around I thought Id try to re curl the Brianna wig by Envy the photo below is what it looks like when it comes to you in the box.

image (8)

After some good wear and tear as well as when the curls dropped I ran it under warm water to loosen them up and then had used my flat-iron to make it straight. On a low setting this is what it ended up looking like which to be honest does not look that great. See photo below.


So then I grabbed my foam rollers and did sections of the wig at a time, Using the boiled hot water method. What you do is take the wig preferably on a styrofoam head over the sink. You can use boiled water from a kettle and pour the water over the curl rods. Then after that let it air dry. You can also use cold water after you have used the hot water first to set the curl. Leave the rods in either overnight or for a few hours. Which ever will work better for you. You will still get the same outlook.

image image (1)

image (3) image (2)

And now for the after photo’s

image (6) image (8) image (9)

So next time you have a wig that may look like it needs to be thrown out or dumped keep it and try the boiling hot water method with some curling rods. Any will do the bigger the less tighter the curl. P.S. you really don’t have to leave it in a bowl of steaming hot water just running it over will do just fine. Oh and watch a few YouTube videos on curling a wig that’s not heat style able.  Their fun to watch.

Over & Out


2 thoughts on “Re Curling A Synthetic Wig

    1. Yes, I’d like to get bigger rods for more of a beach wave look on the next long wig I get. Or I may try it with this wig down the road.

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