Bra Sizes

I don’t’ think I have ever had the trouble with bra sizes since I had my breasts enhanced with breast implants. When I was smaller in size maybe pushing a B cup if that I pretty much stayed the same size. Did not matter much if I gained weight or not. Then again I was not really into bras all that much and only had a few.

When I got my breast implants in 2011 I tried to get measured but was not overly successful and the size my mother put me at was I think a 40C. Then last July when I went to Victoria Secret for the first time while in Toronto I was measured as a 38DD. Since losing weight I have gone down in size. So this past Feb I believe I went back to VS here in Ottawa and was re measured from a 38DD to a 38D so I ended up losing the Double D’s which was fine I accepted that haha.

Since then I have lost even more weight and so today my boyfriend and I went downtown to the mall where one of the VS stores is and I got measured again. The only thing different this time around was that I went braless.  The last two times I went I was wearing bra’s so I thought this time I could get fitted well. Well I’m glad I did because I am back up at a Double D but way down in band width. From a 40 to a 38 to a 36.

Wow a 36DD pretty freaking cool I do have to say so. I just wish VS bra’s were not so much damn money however that being said they are very well made and my favorite so it’s worth it to me. I did go ahead and buy a new bra because I really needed it and now my girls are well supported. I bought my favorite bra which is the ones they fit you in. It’s the Body By Victoria I have bought it in black the last two times as well the pink and white stripes, But those bras no longer fit. So the one I bought today is in a pretty bright color called Fire Coral. I almost went for the Dapple Grey but the pop of colour I got is just so pretty.

I doubt I’ll be going any smaller in band size now. This bra fits great and has 4 settings for the perfect fit. I really love these bra’s and the customer service I get at VS stores is by far the best I’ve ever had. Love VS stores.

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