Fifty Shades Of Grey & Fifty Shades Darker

50ShadesofGreyCoverArt 167872720

I’m a tad addicted so far. I bought the first book last week and finished it Friday. Then had to get the second book. I like the second book more so than the first because it really goes into the characters back stories much more. It’s intense, exotic, deep, passionate. Also annoying, crazy and fucked. But when I read one chapter I get deeper into it and then have to read another. I’m far from finished the second book but by friday I’ll most likely be done.

As of lately I have been watching movies and then reading the books. I had heard about these books when it was all the rage but I had no interest then. Then I saw the movie trailer for it and thought I should read the books before seeing the movie. And here I am reading the books on my Iphone I bought them on Ibooks because its cheaper than buying them paperback. And funny enough it does not eat up my battery life-like apps do lol or texting.

Of course I will most likely be getting the third book so I know how it ends. I’m hooked now so I need to know what happens to Mr Grey And Ana. These books bring thoughts into my mind from my past and meeting and talking to people who have been in that lifestyle. However these books are not just about BDSM. What I get from the story is it’s about two people who find each other. Learn from one another about love and trust. And letting people into your life that you normally would not. That’s what I’m getting from them so far.

I personally think they’re worth the read. So Far.

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4 thoughts on “Fifty Shades Of Grey & Fifty Shades Darker

    1. When she talks about her vajaja she calls it her sex and that’s the part that annoys me. Other then that it’s fine I think. Because she’s graphic when taking about other things lol

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