I’m Sick Of My Hair

So sick of my hair, tired of the colour as well the grey bits. The hair colour review I did a while back Is crappy hair dye and I do not recommend it at all.

I will most likely pick up some John Freida brilliant brunette shampoo and conditioner. I used it years ago and it really does work it smells great and gives brown dull hair look gorgeous.

And iv been using my two bobbed wigs to change up my hair style since I’m also tired of my bio hair grow out ugly stage. It’s probably the worst part of growing your hair out. Is the growing part from very short to long.

Besides the colour and the ugly growing stage, getting bored of your hair is nothing new for anyone. I also want to go blonde but will most likely
get a rooted blonde wig so there is no damage to my hair. And I can save it from any more processing.

I also want to get like a deep conditioning treatment for my hair and use it like once a week to get the ends to be not as dry. I’m still not washing my hair everyday I’m doing it like twice a week.

Wearing wigs is just so much better in the sense less upkeep. Bio hair is more work never a win win oh well what can you do lmao.

Over & Out


6 thoughts on “I’m Sick Of My Hair

  1. I should try that John Frieda shampoo — I have seen it advertised and wondered how it was. Glad you mentioned it. I like his anti-Frizz products — they are the primary products I use to control my hair when I have to go to the beach. You would think after all these years of companies producing beauty products they could come up with one line of safe, natural, effective hair dyes, wouldn’t you? All of them have something wrong with them, cancer-causing chemicals or ammonia or peroxide. Sheesh! Great posts on hair, Lana.

    1. Thanks Beth. I’ve learned how to make categories finally lol. Ya I went out today and bought the Shampoo and Conditioner for Brunettes. My hair is already soft just after one use so Im happy.

    1. Ya sometimes wigs are just so much more easier. When I went to the drug store this afternoon after writing this post I bought some new stuff. I was talking to the cashier in the beauty section and I wore Victoria by JR. I said to her its good to throw on a hat or wig when you don’t feel like doing your hair. Shes like a wig thats a smart idea and then I said ya I’m wearing one right now. She was blown away she had no clue. Till I said its a lace front and pointed it out lol 😛

      1. Yeah whenever women are scared to wear wigs out and about I tell them how every time I do and tell someone they are so shocked. No one has a clue LOL

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