My Trick To Stop Me From Pulling

If your wondering about the headline it’s one of my methods to stop my self from pulling my hair out. As most of my readers know I suffer from trichotillomaina, if your not sure what it is just do a quick google in short it’s a hair pulling disorder and there is no cure for it.

Before my only method in dealing with it was to shave my head. Because as soon as id pull some hair I would go shave my head. Though that is one way it’s not coping with it. It’s a quick fix. Though you may want to get a wig before you do that. Of course I would just do it even if I pulled 5 hairs.

My second coping method is using cotton gloves you can buy them at your local beauty store like Sally’s. However there annoying if you want to use your cell and can get annoying.

My favourite coping method is using my bamboo hat or cap or turban. It’s the only one I own and was given it as a sample when I had my wig business.

I wear it when I’m playing with my hair and at night time. It covers my whole head and keeps my hands out and off my hair. And it protects my hair from my hands so when the moment passes or the urge to pull leaves I can remove it and I still have a full head of hair.

The photo below is of me wearing it as I write this post. In all my natural glory haha.


Over & Out


5 thoughts on “My Trick To Stop Me From Pulling

      1. It’s so weird, I remember cleaning it up and putting it in its case and then being sure to put it somewhere I wouldn’t lose it…now I have no idea where that place was. Ugh!

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