Miss Skinny Bitch To You Hunny LOL


So Friday night I made plans to get together with two gal pals of mine for a drink and my boyfriend. I decided to get all dolled up and do my makeup all nice and wear a cute outfit and thought Id take some snap shots. The ones I’ll be posting with this post are the ones that turned out the best and the only editing is making them a tad brighter that’s it.

My eye makeup I took the most time on and did full face foundation. To cover all my ugliness that is my acne face lol. I did 5 shades of eyeshadow and also used my eyebrow pencil and enhanced my brows and made them much thicker than they are. I think all in all I did a great job and felt like a million bucks. I did a pale white color under the brows a light rosy color in the crease, two purple tones for the lid and a touch of gold. Had to pop my eyes with my new eyeglasses.

I was unable to take a shot of the footwear but they were cute sandals and of course I was sporting my fave wig Victoria By JR = Jon Renau. I think I’d like to grow my hair out to a bob. Since they look the best on me. Oh P.S. I am now at 177lbs and feel awesome.


Over & Out

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