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So today I messaged one of my friends who happens to be a hairstylist and wig stylist on facebook. I asked him about drugstore hair color as well salon color and grey hair. He told me that drugstore hair color has too much peroxide and if I do color from there to empty half of the developer out and replace it with water. Or go to a beauty supply store and get the right stuff which he gave me. Or better yet go to a salon and get them to do it because salon color is like a prescription to your exact color. Boxed color from the drug store may or may not give you the color you want.

Me ( I have a question what’s the best way to hide grey hair. The last two times iv dyed my hair with drug store hair color it did not cover well. So I’m just wondering what I should do to get rid of it lol besides wearing a wig lol. Any thoughts ? High lights what? Please help lol)

Friend (The drugstore colour has too high of volume of peroxide to properly cover grey . If you are finding your grey resistant go to beauty supplier and look for your colour level in a double ‘N’ and mix with 20 vol peroxide. Leave on roots for 30min and comb through ends for 10-15min . (Double ‘N’ colour or double Natural colour is specially formulated for resistant gray coverage) If you have to use drug store colour take the the bottle of peroxide/developer and throw one-third out and replace that one-third with water. This will water down peroxide to approximately right volume . Professional colour products are better of course. Adding highlights is great way to trick the eye into not seeing grey as it grows in)

Me (So if I go to a salon their color would be better if I want deep dark chocolate-brown? Thanks)

Friend (Yes, salon colour is like a prescription just for you it is made to work with your natural pigment and amount of grey etc. Drugstore colour is made to give a mass market something that may or may not look like the box . Usually for a deep chocolate you want a level 4 colour with double natural pigment)

So from knowing this great info now I will most likely not be bothering with at home hair dye. Or if I do at home hair dye now I know what to do to make the hair color stick to the grey hair. Though if I’m feeling like I wanna blow some money I’ll just go to the salon and have them give me my dark brown hair color.

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2 thoughts on “My Hair

    1. I used to do at home hair color all the time and it worked years ago. I guess hair colours change of boxed dyes lol. Ah well here I come salon colour haha

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