My Lovely Friday ( That Was Sarcasm )

Ok so all this week my new glasses have been ill-fitting my face pinching my nose. Leaving this red mark on the left side of my nose. Already went back to get them fixed and still having problems so I went in today to see if something could be done. The lady sat me down and looked carefully at them and said there not fitting properly and that I could get new frames at no extra cost. Not sure why others never saw it but whatever I was happy to hear that of course. So she found some frames, I liked the fit of them but the color I was not fond of so she went to see if they came in other colors and lucky for me they came in the exact color as the ones I bought. And now I just have to wait for those new ones to come in. The shape is closer to what I have been wearing, So that’s the good news from this Friday.

Now on to the bad news. So I went to the hair salon near my house wanting to get rid of my grey hairs. I thought id get an all over color and go blonde. So I picked the shades it was a cross between two different ones nothing to crazy. She does this lightening treatment and my hair turns orange. She tells me it’s that color because of the boxed dye I had in my hair from the drugstore but before consulting another person she goes to put the color on and it did nothing to my hair. She blow dries my hair after and its yucky not nice at all. Shes like what do you think?. I respond saying this is not what i wanted its orange. Parts of it are darkish its just wrong in so many ways. I had asked her when she was washing my hair how long she had been doing hair for she’s like 21 years. I thought great I’m in good hands. NOT.

I’m like look I wanted blonde I’m not blonde and I’m not paying for this. I said I’m not leaving here with orange hair. Lets just color it dark brown and call it a day. So I picked a very dark brown R4. Leaves me for like half hour. Comes back and washes it out. She starts to blow dry and I’m looking and there are still parts that look like the color did not take. But they keep telling me it looks fine. I tipped the girl $5 bucks cause I felt bad. I paid for the color when I should have paid nothing since it was there fuck up.

I get home and yup some spots don’t look that great. Then when I was out with my boyfriend tonight he looks at the back of my fave pink tank top and says there is color on the back of the neck. I look and sure enough there is dark brown hair dye on my fucking top. So of course I’m pissed now. There closed on weekends and Monday is a Holiday here so now I have to wait till Tuesday to go back and complain and have them try to get my money back. And or get money for them ruining my top. Never been to such an unprofessional salon in my life. You would think that they would tell me there is a chance of your hair going orange or something.

On my way to the salon on the left, The right three photo in 1 on my way to Orangeville to brown.

image hair dye


I did come home washed my hair because it looked a little to shiny and more color came out. It’s like they did not even wait till the water ran clear. So Annoyed. The guys like you can always come back in a week or so and get the master stylist to give you highlights I’m like I’ll wait a bit and leave my hair alone give it a break.

The only reason I’ll go back is to get my money back in full and bring my top with me to complain. I’ll never go back there for anything else.

Over & Out


8 thoughts on “My Lovely Friday ( That Was Sarcasm )

  1. First of all, I don’t think she should not have even tried to dye your hair if you had dyed it brown recently. Secondly the brown over the bleach isn’t going to ‘take’ so well and it will wash out easily. When I had my bleach disaster, it took at least six months before I could get any color over it that would stay, and even then it would lighten probably for a year or so! Sorry this happened but keep reminding yourself that no matter how bad you think it is most other people won’t care or notice. I had to walk around looking like the damn Heat Miser for six months and no one really cared all that much, some people even thought orange and red hair was cool.

    As far as the glasses, it took me almost two weeks to get used to my new ones but now they feel fine. They hurt behind my ears something wicked for awhile there though.

    1. I had them adjusted a few times. I was lucky that I was able to get replacement frames at no extra cost which was nice. Tho my hair is a mess at the moment. I have that bob wig you gave me which I’m wearing at the moment and will use I’m sure till I can get it fixed.

      1. Yes, just hang in there with the hair. It can be managed! I’ve fried mine so many times and the best thing to do when it’s all still so upsetting is nothing, really. To just sit with it awhile until you can make calm decisions.

      2. I’m gonna go in Tuesday and get them to refund my money, Its should have been free since they fucked up my hair. I’ll bring in my top as well and maybe to make them feel extra worse is wear my wig and tell them iv had to buy a wig to cover the mess they made of my hair. Then pull it off and say see the spots that are not colored. But that might be going a tad far.

        My mother says I should see if they will re color my hair to fix those spots but I don’t trust my hair with any of them. Its just a bummer since Iv been growing my hair out to have this happen to it. The thought of starting over and shaving my head did cross my mind last night. However I chose not too. I’ll wait till December to go get it fixed and give my hair a break. And I’ll pick up some of that redken you suggested. The joys of hair ugh LOL.

      3. Don’t shave it! It isn’t necessary. You can live with it, really. And as the days go by you will figure more stuff out to deal with it, The worst thing women do when they’ve jacked up their hair is try to fix it right away. Usually makes it worse! If you can let it alone for a few months, then you can get the color fixed. That also gives you time to find the RIGHT person to do it. Look on Yelp at reviews or ask around when you see someone with good color. And save your $$ cause you may have to spend top dollar to get it fixed properly. You just have to endure a few months of not really liking it. Trust me women go out with their hair looking all sorts of a mess and no one cares so we can do it, temporarily LOL.

      4. Ya like I said starting from scratch is not an option. I’ll most likely go to the lady who cut my hair. And they can fix it and I’ll save up the cash for it. And till then i’ll just wear wigs and then I don’t have to see it. Thankfully summer is ending so the weather won’t be hot. Then ill have perfect hair lol.

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