Redken Extreme Anti Snap Treatment


I have to thank my good friend Marey telling me about this stuff. Because I think it saved my hair. After Friday’s triple processing craziness that happened to my hair. My hair was left dry most likely damaged and brittle feeling. But after using it today my hair has never felt more soft than it has today. Friday my hair was washed about 4 times. Once in the morning by me then twice or so at the salon and then again by me that night to get more dye out of my hair.

I washed my hair today but only with conditioner to save my hair from being to dried out. And then after I towel dried my hair I put some of this on it and just let it air dry. Its five times better looking then it has looked in a long time. In about three days time is when I’ll use some shampoo and conditioner and then will use this treatment again. And then three days from then do just conditioner and the treatment.

I was told when I was at Trade Secrets they sell Sulfate free shampoo which I may pick some up at some point. And see how that is for my hair. So far my method of washing my hair is working. But now that I have this stuff I think I’ll see a major improvement in my hair. I also did  some looking on YouTube and people rave about this leave in treatment so that’s a good sign. Now a days I tend to go to google and YouTube to look for reviews on products. Thank God for the internet haha.

I’ll do a re re review at a later time. But so far I’m loving the results.

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