WoW 175lbs


So you read the headline right. In total 63lbs have been shed. My eating habits have not really changed though I do take into count when I’m full and know I can’t put more in my tummy.  Though I have slightly increased my intake of food a tad. I’m still cautious of what I eat and when eating say desert for example I will have the smallest piece just enough to satisfy my taste buds. But not enough to make me feel guilty about eating it.

I’m extremely happy being thin again. And do not care about getting big again. Though sitting at 175 is pretty freaking amazing I do have to say. I’m still working out not as crazy as before. I do about 20 leg lifts and if it’s really hot out just a 15 to 20 minute workout using my at home walking dvds. And when it’s not to crazy hot out I walk the dogs. When the snow hits there won’t be much walking with the dogs but I will still be doing a workout over the winter so I can stay in tip-top shape plus I feel better after a workout. It lifts my mood for sure.

I still drink wine here and there I mean you have to live a little I just don’t go overboard like I used too. And the sweets thing I only will eat some times. Not all the time because as I said you have to live a little and I only have the smallest amount to satisfy my craving but not exceed and go over board, like having cheese cake because I could eat a whole one easily haha.

I know that I could easily go back to being 238 because what food I do love eating I could eat a whole lot of so really its self-control. But I also know I never want to get that big again because it does not look good on me and the stretch marks from getting big I do not care in having more of. Plus on my tummy some of the skin has not snapped back. Which is a touch depressing but whatever it’s not gonna be the end of my world.

Now its all about being healthy and staying that way. I no longer smoke its been a year. I drink once in a while and I eat as healthy as I possible can while still enjoying food but the healthy way. I feel amazing at 175lbs.

Over & Out


5 thoughts on “WoW 175lbs

  1. Congratulations! Sounds like you are killing it and knocking off the fat lbs. My wife and I are in the same boat, we are headed to Maui in February 2015. She has an ambitious goal (as I do). Thanks for sharing your achievements. I’ll look around at your other posts on here. Keep up the great work!

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