Mosaika – Sound and Light Show 2014


Last night my boyfriend and I went to a sound and light show called Mosaika. On Parliament Hill taken from this website

(Watch Centre Block on Parliament Hill come to life during Mosaika. This exhilarating sound and light show tells Canada’s story, a journey that takes the audience through the country’s vast landscapes and expansive cultures. A powerful narrative, presented in both English and French, combines with lively projections that set the Hill ablaze with bright colours. Bring a blanket to sit on and some snacks, and experience this wholly unique, and truly Canadian, event)

Neither of us had ever been to see it. It’s only an half-hour-long and I did manage to record the last 10.22 minutes of it. I did record the first 15 but then i was running out of room on my phone because I wanted to record all of it. Any who below is a little bit of what I experienced. Hope you enjoy.

P.S. I found the first part of the show on youtube I did not record this first video. But you get a better experience of what I saw.

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