It seems that people are too busy to stay in contact. Over the years I have had many friendships some last some not. but with technology it has made people less communicative and people have become so busy with their lives they almost forget that they have friendships. I also find that I’m the one to message people or text people more so than them contacting me. I say hey stranger how have you been they may respond and say nothing is new when we all know that’s not true. Things happen to each other on a day-to-day basis. Of course my circle of friends has gotten smaller say over on facebook. The few that I do talk to on a somewhat regular basis I speak to over the phone. Then I have my long time friends I keep in contact with who either read my blog or the handful over on facebook.

I was watching Sex & The City one of my all time favorite shows and when it first aired I wished I had a close group of girlfriends to hang out with and la la la. I do have a small group but non of them live in the same city as me. And even some of my long time friends don’t live in the same city but I wish they did. I also find people don’t value friendships as much as people did. It seems that people forget easily what a friend is supposed to be. You think with technology it would be easier to stay in contact with people. But I think most people are either to busy or just can’t be bothered. And so for me I see no point in staying in contact even over a network like facebook its like why bother whats the point just so I can have a number on my fb list.

It just bothers me a touch can ya tell lol. After a month if we have not talked then I don’t see why its such a major thing if I remove myself from their list and then they notice oh why did you remove me as a friend its like hello we never talk ever so whats the point people. Ok done ranting there will be a much better post coming after this one.

Over & Out


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