Sometimes Its Better To Leave Things Alone

What I’m talking about is my new wig. So yesterday my moms like your new wig tho the color is great its to straight and you kind of look like a Witch in it. Ya I know my mom is great at compliments haha. My dad liked it but sorta said the same thing and he’s not used to me wearing long hair they both like me in shorter hair styles but I love long hair. Any who I thought I would bump up the ends and put more of a wave into the ends of the wig. It sorta turned out and till I tried to do three more areas.

Thankfully the new method I did was not a huge major thing since I just used steam not boiling hot water the dunking method as I have done before. And so when the three curls did not turn out to what I wanted I was able to run the ends of the wig under hot tap water. And it went back to the way it was prior with maybe a slight wave And so I thought I will leave it as is instead of ruining a perfectly good wig.

Before on the left & after on the right.


I’m really loving it now because its doing what my bio hair is doing its not perfectly straight and its not perfectly wavy either. I’m rather loving it even more now. So tomorrow will be the big wig review and full makeup photo’s to come. So long as its not crappy weather since I like to use the natural light that comes into my room.

Over & Out


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