The Shlio Wig By Noriko

Finally the review of Miss Shilo by Noriko. I decided to throw on a full face makeup and take a bunch of selfies but more so of Miss Shilo by Noriko since I keep saying I’m gonna do a review. When I got her in there was no bangs to speak of and of course I had to add some. Just a side swoop. The color I got her in is Dark Chocolate. It works perfectly with my bio hair color at the moment so if it shows on the sides it won’t be a problem.

As you can tell from a few past posts I made it a double mono because when you get Shilo in she only comes with a single mono. She also does not have much of a wave tho I did try to steam some in I did not have major luck but a slight bit lol. The wig is long but not overly but if you are petite in size it may appear to be longer. On me because I’m tall it does not seem as long as it looked on my friend who sold it to me.

Because it is a Noriko wig it does have a lot of hair for some you may need to thin it out. For me it has just the right amount of hair. I have a lot of hair and its thick so this wig is the perfect thickness.

Here are some before and after photo’s.

Far left before the wave, middle wavy, right all done up

image image image



4 thoughts on “The Shlio Wig By Noriko

    1. Thanks, I’m not in love with it as much as id thought id be. I think cause there is not tons of shape or really any layers to speak of. I may have a stylist fix it tho.

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