So last night I went with my boyfriend to go watch him play hockey for the first time. Ok it was not his first time playing it it was my first time going to see him play. I was also able to meet a few of his friends and people he knows. I should have watched more but it was a bit of a chat fest. But what I did watch it was really cool to see him in his element and I have to say he’s a good skater. I thought I had dressed as warm as I should but I know the next time I go, to wear a much warmer jacket and to wear a scarf. And to bring something hot to drink to keep me warmer.

I had a really good time and I slept so good that I woke up at 9am this morning haha. His parents were very sweet to pick us up and dropped me off at home. I’ve never dated anyone who played any sports that I recall and so it was really fun to go see him do what he does in the winter time. I’m excited to go and watch more of his games and to go to a hockey game this winter if one comes to Ottawa. So we can go together.

I was also able to get a photo with him in some of his hockey gear before he went to change after the game was over. I’m really loving to be able to do many things with him and am enjoying every moment we get to spend together. He really is the best guy I have ever dated. I love him to bits.

Bring on hockey season I’m ready or at the very least I will be ready lol.

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