The Laptop

Iv had my laptop for a little over 6 years. They don’t even make my model anymore since laptops are so much more lighter now. It’s already had a replacement battery put in. But over the years it has done what I have needed it to do. I don’t do much on it these days but Facebook, watch YouTube videos, blog and surf the net and sometimes online shop. Sometimes I’ll write an email but normally if chatting I’ll use Facebook for that.

Last night it started to really give me problems like the key board decided nope not gonna let you type. For the last 2 years it has started to really act up but last night was a surprise. It needs to just hold out a little longer, I’m buying my first Ipad in December my parents and brother will be giving me money towards it as my Christmas gift. I’ll be getting a 32GB because that’s more than enough memory for me. Also I have One Drive over on msn which gives me 15GB storage which is awesome.

Once December comes I’ll be taking my boat anchor and drop it off to be recycled. However and till then it needs to work for me. Sure I could use my Iphone till then but that can get annoying lol. So I decided to reboot my laptop to factories settings. I then re installed Itunes, my avast anti virus software and Google chrome.

Google saved all my fave websites so that’s cool and Itunes thank god for Icloud because all my music is there. And so far everything is running smoothly. YAY. Double YAY

But ya for the amount of stuff I do on my laptop an Ipad will work perfectly. All I will have to get is a few adapters for it to connect it to my tv and to connect my ipod when I want to upload music and I’m set. And for the keyboard I’ll get this one from amazon I found and bam I’ll be set.

The joys of electronics haha.

Over & Out


4 thoughts on “The Laptop

  1. I hate that we have to replace things every four or five years. We have literally dozens of computers and devices hanging around our house because there is data on them and we have been too cheap or lazy to transfer it. I wish I could do everything I do on a tablet but I like to have the full desktop. I have a newish Ultrabook and a brand new DT that I hope will take me down the road for awhile. One thing I got that I needed desperately was a 3T external hard drive. At least that can be piggbacked to any computer pretty easily. Congrats, Lana. Sounds exciting.

    1. What I tend to do and have done is out all the websites I go to like online banking and fav shop sites and email my self them so incase my laptop does die I’ll always have them even photos and what not.

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