The Thing About Having Trich

So I have had this nasty little problem since I can remember which has been many years. I was very little when it started and there is still no major cure for it. I only wish there was. Some days are better than others. Like the days my hands don’t go into my hair. Those days of course are awesome and I love those days but they tend to be few then id like. At night-time it seems to be more present. Of course I have my little orange cap I throw on which does stop me from putting my hands in my hair and pulling or wanting to pull.

Since my hair has been growing out quite nicely I have to add there are still those days that I do pull however I would have to say its nothing near like it used to be. Sometimes one hair leaves my head and sometimes it may be a few like 3 to 5 hairs. And not at one sitting either because as soon as it starts I throw on the cap.

I will probably always be some sort of wig wearer. On the days my hair is bugging me they are perfect for throwing on. To me there almost like a glamorized hat. Another accessory if you will. When I have a wig on I feel more dressed up more complete more put together if that makes sense. And I have perfect hair lol.

Having trichotillomania is no laughing matter of course. For a very long time I felt guilt and shame and worse after the fact of even pulling hair. I used to beat my self up about it to the point of being frustrated and bawling my eyes out because of it destroying my appearance. It truly is a self-esteem killer. Because it affects your looks and what people see. And for the most part society will judge you based on your appearance.

Thankfully wigs have come along way over the years and even synthetic wigs you can’t tell them apart from human hair or if even someone is wearing a wig for that matter. I think anyone who is suffering from this horrible disorder needs to know that they are not alone and that there are ways in if not fixing the problem there are ways in covering up the areas with hats or wigs or head wrap caps. And for people who pull their eye brows there are ones you can attach with adhesive as well lashes that look very real.

My method used to be to just shave my head bald and wear a wig. Because I was afraid if I kept the hair on my head that I would be left with these bald patches ever where. So I would shave and there you go. I have only grown my hair out long maybe a max of two times. This time around will be three in total. My goal is to get it past my shoulders for next summers family reunion. That is my goal. My goal has always been to have long hair. I have not had long hair since 2006.

Also I have decided that shaving it bald is not the answer anymore. And really gets me no where of over coming this thing. I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to over come it completely but managing it is something I’m slowly working on. And if I can just stick it out I’ll have the hair Iv always wanted as in length wise. I really hope I can get to my hair goal and keep the goal. I’m doing pretty well I think there is no damage spots on my scalp there is no bald spots or patches and that I am very thankful for. I also have not done any major damage either which I’m so thrilled about. I’m able to stop my self much more easier now then I ever have been in the past. And that says something I think.

With that said. I’ll do a hair post coming in the next few weeks of the hair growth processes.

Over & Out


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