Phishing Scams


Just got one in my email the above photo is the email. And its from supposedly Paypal and right away went into my junk folder.

The one thing I can’t stand are these they are so freaking annoying that even if you block the emails or whatever you still get them. the most popular ones I get are Paypal, Apple – Itunes, My credit card company, My cell service company. I get them almost every day. And some of them really look like there coming from the main companies themselves. Of course this is not the case.

Also last week I got a few from supposedly Financing that some old fart died and has left me money and if I could have them send me money through western union. Which I don’t even use. Or some Uncle with my last name I have never heard of. Its like really people get a fucking life you’re not going to get any money out of me and I sure as hell am not going to update my account info.

Phishing scams are so annoying I wish those people would all drop dead. Yup I said it just fall off the face of the earth because nobody is going to miss you. Stop sending me emails from companies you think I’m going to fall for your pathetic stupid act. I know we all get these emails and I’m so tired of them aren’t you?.

Over & Out

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