Fifty Shades Of Grey Trilogy


As my last post spoke about that I had read the first and second book I also then read the third book. I got so mentally involved that I had to find out what happened in the last book. And because the movie is coming out next year that is what made me want to read the books so I could not only better understand the movie but what the huge hype was about when they first came out. Because when they first came out I was not much into reading anything major if it did not involve Marilyn Monroe lol.

Moving on I had heard from some people that they either loved the books or hated it so much they never read the last two in the series. Or they read the first two but not the last. The first book I was not overly loving, the second book it got better so much so it sucked me in and so the last book I had to have. The last book is so different from the first two you really get to know these people and why they are who they are. I have to say I really loved the last book. And the ending I was not expecting at all. In all honesty I really loved the books. And was sad when it was all done. I’m excited to see the movie next year when it comes out and it will be interesting to see how much of the books they cram into the film.

With that said I rate these books a 5 out or 5 Stars.

Over & Out


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