So Iv decided that id like to start volunteering again. I’ve sent an email off to the Canadian Cancer Society to see about working with the wig salon. Its located at one of the hospitals here in Ottawa. With in the last while there has been lots of cancer with in my family and one of our family friends. And what better way to give back then to help out people who are dealing with it. I hope to be able to volunteer in the wig salon that would be awesome since I know so much about wigs.

I know the Cancer Society relies on their volunteers. And what better way then to give my time to such a great cause and from being affected by cancer it just makes sense to offer my time to it. If they have no spots for the wig salon then I’m more than happy to volunteer in other areas as well. So hopefully I will get something.

Over & Out


2 thoughts on “Volunteering

  1. I got one email back asking if id be into doing anything else I said know because I know more about wigs then anything else and I never heard back so whatevs lol

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