Orchestra Mozart & Dvorak


Last night my boyfriend and I went to the Orchestra at the N.A.C. National Arts Center. Marc bought tickets and for once we made plans and it did not rain. It tends to rain when ever we make major plans so I’m very thankful it did not rain. My parents called a cab for us to drive us down so we did not have to take the bus. We got there with in five minutes of it starting. Cab driver was an idiot but that’s another story ha ha we got there which is what matters the most.

I had never gone so it was my first time. We sat down and the photo above I took just before they announced that all cell phones were to be turned off and no photo’s or filming of any kind. Whoopsy  as soon as I heard that I turned off my cell phone. The people on stage were just warming up so does it really count that I took the photo hopefully not and there was no flash. Any who I wanted to get all dressed up because in my head that’s something people do. But when we got there it was mixed some people were dressed up and some wore jeans with dress shirts the men anyways some women wore skinny jeans but paired with heels and a nice top.

My mom and I had gone shopping Friday night to hopefully find something to go with this really pretty top I have. The top I bought a few years ago on sale its a BCBG top with cut outs on the arm in like a champagne gold color. I was going to wear dress pants but the only ones I own are to big for me now and are just pull on lol. Any who I ended up getting a black faux leather skirt by Calvin Klein. Paired it with glittery gold ballet flats and a cute clutch purse both I had bought from Payless. Simple sparkly earrings and black beaded bracelet and necklace. And for some added fun a black headband with black feathers and rhinestone.

image (4)

My makeup I used.

image (5)

I first used Mary Kays foundation primer. My foundation is the ever so amazing Revlon ColorStay 24hrs my shade is 200 Nude its the best foundation for acne and blemish skin I think and it covers everything. I used my amazing Beauty Blender which I get damp to apply I think it gives the best air brush effect. Eye brows filled in using a Cover Girl brow and eye pencil in midnight brown. I used my favorite eye shadow palette Naked 3 by Urban Decay. The colors I used were Strange, Buzz, Trick, Factory & Blackheart as liner. Mascara I used the only one I have at the moment which is Physicians Formula Organic Wear I applied maybe 4 coats to see anything but non the less I put it on haha.  Bronzer I used Physicians Formula in Light Bronzer. I also used a light blush as a luminizer  by Hard Candy color Honeymoon 127.  Blush my favorite Physicians Formula Sexy Booster Sexy Glow Blush. Last but not least statement bold lips bold for me anyways. First I put on City Proof Twistable Intense Lip Color by NYC in shade 022 Fulton St Fuschsia  and for added mositure and shine I added my favorite liquid lip balm by Almay in color 500 Pink Pout.

image (1)

We had a lovely time it was a great experience and very relaxing. I find classical music to be just that relaxing no stress at all. I thought it was a tad funny though because when they would finish one song before playing another that little moment when there would be no music playing people would get all there coughing and sneezing out-of-the-way and then as soon as the music would play again people would be as quite as a mouse it was rather funny. I also felt a little like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman when she goes to the Opera. Only difference here was it was not the Opera and I was not wearing a gown or had diamonds on nor am I a hooker haha. But you get what I’m saying. I felt glamorous and it was an all around great time.

Also Marc was all dressed up looking all nice in his dress pants and shoes and blue dress shirt. Of course I had to get a photo of us looking all nice. Marc was pretty shocked when he saw me he’s like wow never seen you look like that before. I replied by saying see I clean up pretty nice when I’m not in comfy sweats at the house LOL. This is what happens when you put a crap load of time in getting ready. I spent at least an hour doing just my eye makeup alone. I did my makeup first then went and ate dinner. After dinner I went and flossed my teeth then brushed them then applied the lips last. And then did the outfit.

image (2)

Over all it was a fun night. After the Orchestra we took the bus back to our neck of the woods since it was down town. We went to the pub near my house for a drink and we split the oh so yummy chocolate cake. It was a great night I had a blast and its just a great memory to have and am so lucky to be with the guy I’m with. I love him to bits.

Over & Out


4 thoughts on “Orchestra Mozart & Dvorak

  1. Lana, you look gorgeous. You and your boyfriend make a cute couple, and I love your site theme with the diamonds — very girlie and glam. I am not sure if I’ve mentioned that before. 🙂

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