The $$$ Price Of Fashion

So LTS has come out with another brand and rang of clothing for tall women it’s called TTYA. Its more fashion forward and when I had gone to the website and looked at the prices I thought some of the things were pretty steep in price and left a comment on their Facebook page. But then quickly took it down because I noticed the prices were really not that bad.

Not only that but tall women want to look just as fabulous as the average height women. After looking at some online stores and looking at their prices I realize that the prices I think are so high at LTS are really not that high in price compared to the other stores for average height women it’s really on point.

Now when you compare all those stores to say Old Navy then ya there high but that’s because Old Navy for the most part is much cheaper and massed produced. The prices at LTS, Urban Outfitters, BCBG, Le Château, are all around the same prices though BCBG is a tad more but non the less it’s not just special shops that have high prices for their fashions.

Even the plus size shops for ladies wear made for larger women their prices are pretty much on point as all the stores for average body shaped women. I guess I have just turned in to a cheap gal LOL. I like stuff to be majorly on sale. And love a big discount. Like say for $50 bucks you can get four things at Old Navy. Try getting four things at any other store with the high prices good luck with that haha.

That being said. The skirt I picked up on Friday that I wore to the Orchestra on Saturday was by Calvin Kline. It retails for $129.00 and I got it for $43.00 it was on sale and then had another 30% or 40% off of like $65 or something to that. Personally I think even spending $43.00 on a skirt is a lot of money but that’s just me.

It’s amazing how much clothing can cost these days. But I do know sometimes paying a little more for something does mean its well made and if it’s a staple piece it will last a long time in your closet especially if it’s a classic piece. I will go out of my way and spend good money on key pieces but on the normal if its jeans or just regular t-shirts Old Navy here I come lol. I also stopped buying my jeans at LTS because it was just getting to be to costly since losing all the weight I have lost. I mean their jeans do cost a lot. And when your losing weight throwing almost $100 bucks away on jeans is pointless if you lose 20 pounds there goes $100 bucks down the drain. So I stopped buying my jeans at LTS and have just bought them from Old Navy.

I may go back and buy my jeans from LTS once I know I am staying at my current weight. Because I have four pairs of Jeans from there that no longer fit me as well a pair of white jeans OK so that makes five and a pair of dress pants and skinny cords that now no longer fit my new slender body. And at the prices LTS charges for all their stuff I could probably re sell some of it and make some of my money back LOL. though I do plan on taking them to get them re fitted to me and hopefully it wont cost too much to have that done.

That being said on the whole I don’t think ladies fashion or fashion at all should cost so much. But after looking at the different sites and everyone’s prices I’m no longer shocked and can fully understand why everything does cost as much as it does. Because lets face it sometimes clothing that is cheap looks cheap. Then again sometimes things that are also expensive also looks cheap LOL. I mean that navy blue sleeveless dress I wore not to long ago to Ikea was from Old Navy and only cost me $15 bucks and it looks pretty expensive so go figure. I guess it depends on how you also accessorize your clothing and what you pair it with.

Over & Out


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