Today Was Not A Good Day

What I mean is it was not a good day for my hair because trichotillomania removed about ten hairs or so. No major damage was done and there are no spots or anything noticeable. Of course I threw on my cap but non the less I feel bad. However I do know that it was a little bump in the road and it’s not worth fretting over. Nor will I run to do what I used to do in the past which was freak out and shave my head because that is no longer an option. The important thing is to move on from this small short-lived moment and keep going.

I knew growing out my hair was going to be a little bit of a struggle because it always is when I get any kind of length. And it really has not gotten this long in years. Okay yeah my hair is not super long but here is the latest hair photo.


Just got to keep being positive wearing my cap and I’ll be ok. I’m going in October to get a trim everything needs a trim. I ended up trimming the back my self. Nobody knows I cut it lol because I just trimmed off like half an inch haha. I did such a good job you can’t even tell I did it. But I’m gonna get the hair stylist clean up the back a little more. And possibly trim the bangs but we shall see.

Over & Out


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