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Hair Growth Update

Ok so this is me with no makeup and no wig so I’m sorry if it scares you but whatevs it’s not really about my looks in this photo it’s about my hair. Any who I had the back trimmed up a month ago. And so this is what my hair looks like dried from a shower no blow dryer or flat-iron is used and ya.

image (3)

Yikes lol sorry people any who. The sides have really grown out and they’re doing this weird wave pattern. Never had it before but I’m sure if I was to flat-iron it it would be even longer. My bangs have a wave in them as well and I know for a fact if I straighten them they would reach my eye brows so that is a good thing.

My hair is slowly coming along but the cool news is I just bought some Bellami clip in hair extensions which I will do a complete review when I get them in. I’ve seen enough hair videos on YouTube about not just this brand but how to combine clip ins with short hair and I have seen some people with shorter hair than me rocking clip ins.

I would also like to wear my own hair out and have another option to have long hair without wearing a wig. And with clip in extensions I can do that while I wait for my own hair to grow. And they wont damage my hair unlike others like glue or bonding or whatever. The ones I bought are in the color dark brown #2 and they are 18 inches of the piccolina 120g. I would also like to add I bought them with my own money and will do a full review when I get them in so please keep an eye out for that in the Everything Beauty category .

I’ve had clip ins years ago but my hair was much shorter and they were way more pricier then what I had paid for. They were by Raquel Welch and they were okay but they were not anything big. Any who this company is huge on YouTube as well beauty bloggers that I read and found and watched online all you have to do is a Google search for Bellami and bam LOL.

Any who so that is what my hair looks like at this very moment. Its getting there slowly but surely.

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Enjoying Being Single

So with in the last week I have met 3 guys. All from one website tho the guy I met last night I had spoken to him on another site prior. The last two guys I enjoyed meeting and hope to meet again. I’m still in contact with the fellow from Friday so that is always a good sign. I’m thinking of spending the 25$ for a month on Okcupid because there are apparently 475 people wanting to meet me so the site tells me. Which is always a good sign and of course you get to do more as a paid member but as a free member its pretty good since you can send and receive messages and like people and what not.

I did end up putting in my profile that I was a transsexual and proud of it. I have nothing to hide and that way if there not cool with it they can move on and it’s all good so far I have had great responses from people who are fine with it so that is a good thing for me. Of course with any website you get some funny people but so far so good. I get about 5 or so messages a day some from new people and some from people I’m already talking to.

I’m really enjoying being single and I’m attracting more attractive people as well must be the whole being in shape thing and having a positive outlook. I mean personality counts for sure but I’m enjoying all of the attention I’m getting that is for sure. Any who so ya lately I’ve just been talking to new people staying up late talking which I need to cut back on and 3 guys in one week is not bad I think. Since before when I was heavier I hardly met anyone so go fig.

Any who that is what’s new with me. Sorry I have not been on in a while but ya that is whats keeping up my time haha.

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I Hate Shoe / Boot Shopping

Yesterday I went to LTS I had seen some online and thought if I went in store they would have some for me to try on. I need some cute fashion shoes that are not runners and don’t have much of a heel. Do you think they had any that were some what practical no. I tried on 15 pairs most were size 12 which was to small because I fit a 13 easily. I was getting so hot and sweaty from trying stuff on that I ended up leaving with nothing. I did find out though I was a small in their tops so that was cool but I still left the store with nothing.

Today however I did find some amazing boots from Nordstrom omg so nice over the knee suede they come in at a high price of $235 and tho I would love to have them I’m not sure if I should be spending that much on them. Kind of bugs me to be honest. I wish stores in Canada would carry larger sizes of foot wear for women. Ugh oh well. So I’ll just have to keep an eye out.

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Having The It Factor

I’m not overly sure if that is the right headline for this post but whatever just go with me here haha. When I was bigger I did not find I got much attention with the whole online dating world. Sure I got some and normally from people I was not overly thrilled about. Except for a few people my ex being one of them. But since dropping all that weight and having a new body with a new outlook on-life and having a positive outlook and just an over all new self-confidence, I am attracting so many more good-looking sexy guys all different in their own way.

And for once it is nice for a change. I’m speaking with a handful of new guys. From all over the place not just in my city but from else where not that does me any good of course but it’s still a great feeling. So maybe I have the it factor whatever that is. I’m really starting to enjoy this single life of mine much more so now then I have before. Sure there is a few bumps that come about now and then but that’s the online dating world right?.

So ya have plans for tonight for coffee with another fellow. Coffee meetings are the best because you get to see if there is any chemistry and see if you want to spend any amount of time getting to know the person. Plus coffee is pretty cheap though I’ll have a hot chocolate the pub near me makes the best with whip cream on top and rims the glass with sugar mmmm. Also I only will meet people in public in a public setting because you have to be careful with who ever you meet online. And so there is a coffee shop close by as well a pub but I like the pub setting better because I know the people who work there.

Happy & Safe Online Dating.

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Huge Mistake

So with in the last few months I had reconnected with an old friend but I have come to realize it was a huge mistake.

I thought they might of changed but that is not the case and over the past few days she has become very negative and I just can’t be bothered anymore i told her I don’t feel she has changed and she’s the same person as before.

I won’t air all of it on here but I’ve had enough of her and am done with Miss Negative Nancy. I’ve grown I’ve become a better person an I’m positive about my life and only want positive people in it.

Remove the negative people from your life.

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The Shrinking Woman

Lily Tomlin as Edith Ann in rocking chair

So today I had to go to my doctor’s and before leaving the house I stepped on the scale. Now a few days ago after I wrote my blog post about being 170 lbs I stepped on the scale and it read I was 169 lbs. Well today it read 167 lbs I was going to mention to my doctor about the rapid weight loss because I was a tad concerned this morning. I mean I’m happy of my weight loss but by no means am I trying to get super-duper skinny. Any who before I saw my doctor the nurse asked to weigh me and measure me. Turns out I went from being 6’3 to 6’2 hence the title of the post lol. And I weigh in at 163.6 lbs that is what the scale said.

Back to the main part of the story so my doctor was thrilled to hear that I’m doing so well with the weight loss I asked if I should be worried and he said no. With the amount of exercise that I am doing and eating the right amount of portions and eating healthy and going to the bathroom normal everything is fine and yes my metabolism has sped up but now my body is trying to find a balance. Though he did say if I lose more than say 5 pounds to go back and he will check things out.

But he said don’t worry about things right now. So that is a good thing I think. I told him I used to weigh like 150’s to 160′ back in my late teens and mid 20’s. I also said because I suffer from IBS that could also have some effect because I’m not hungry all the time but I’m not skipping meals I eat three times a day and sometimes will have snacks in the afternoons not all the time but ya. So that is one thing I will not worry about. So that is the latest I have shrunk in both ways haha.

Now on to some not so great news if people have been following the news and what has come about here in Canada’s Capital I was a little stuck downtown for a small period of time. My doctor’s office is on the other side of the city almost sorta like a lol. Any who some crazy shit is happening in the world and if you think it can’t happen in your own city think again there are some real stupid crazy ass people in the world. I wish all the bad shit that is happening would just stop. It’s pretty scary to even walk the streets.

Alright that is the latest.

Be safe everyone

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Back To The Online Dating Chapters

concepts of online dating, with message on enter key of keyboard.

This post is a little bit of a bitch fest but I will try to keep it as short as possible so you’re not all like told ya so. As you know my ex and I are broken up we will not be getting back together any time soon. Or at all I might add and were just better off as friends. Well I re joined the online dating world and so far it’s tons of all talk. I did meet one person for coffee and though it went alright it was nothing major and most likely will not see that person again.

It says in my profile I’m looking for friends and someone to go on dates with but by no means do I mean fwb. If you don’t know what fwb means it means friends with benefits I had to ask a friend what it meant lol. You know you’re out of the loop when you don’t know what that means haha. By no means am I looking to jump into another relationship to be honest I don’t think my next relationship will be so closed off as in I think I want something more open where you can see other people. Well I also had to look up the meaning behind open relationships and I don’t want to have tons of sexual partners either. This whole dating world kind of blows. I just want to meet people go on some dates that does not mean hooking up or getting some just have fun and meet new people you know what I mean.

And then some people I have talked to are all about hooking up whatever happened to letting things just flow naturally instead of having to say what is going to happen or what you hope to happen or whatever. It’s like buy a girl a drink or go for a coffee see if there is chemistry and see if you click then if you click you make plans to do something and go from there. But everyone wants to hook up and get laid. Now there is nothing wrong with sex but I don’t sleep with just anyone and I sure as hell wont sleep with someone just because they say I’m sexy. Or pretty or beautiful or any other compliment they so choose to give me.

Now I know why I was not looking so forward to getting back into the dating game. That being said I was not going to stay dating someone who was not meeting my needs that I needed to stay either in my relationship and id much rather just stay single then all this crap that is going on with the lovely world of online dating. But as I write this I have hope I will meet some great people as I said this is just a small bitch fest about online dating and now I am done. So thanks for reading this long if you have and not ran the other way screaming LMAO.

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Some Exciting News


So back in 2012 I started a company that I ended up later on closing. Well I’ve decided to re open next year. I’ve learned a lot since closing the business and now know A. You have to have a ton of patience and B. to do things way differently. I think I have grown as a person as well and have learned so much since then. That I know I will be able to do well at it when the time comes. And it’s something that I really do love.

Of course I have to start from scratch again and start small and build it from the ground up and not let things get me down. Especially when times get tough. Also found a great new website builder to work with where it will be easier to build the website with drag and drop. It’s called you can build anything on there such as personal websites as well online stores. I first saw a tv commercial about it. So I know when I go to build the website it will look way better than the first one ever did and though it was good for the most part the wix site seems to be a little easier.

I’ll be doing things a lot different the second time around. And hey that is what growing and learning is all about. So keep a lookout for more news next year. I’ll keep you all posted.

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Website Glitch

Ok so while I was going through the word press themes by accident I clicked on a different them and it changed the layout. So if you were on the site and saw a different theme I’m sorry for any mess up. I was looking at maybe changing the theme here. But have not found any I have liked as of yet. I might change the theme and I may just stick with the one that I have but we shall see.

Sorry for any inconveniences.

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