Sitting Tight In The 170’s Range In Weight


So last time I stepped on the scale it was at 174lbs. Though every time I seem to come to blog about my weight I’ve lost another pound. However the last time I was on the scale it said I was 173lbs. So as the blog title says I’m in the 170’s range and if I can stay here that is fine by me. The last few workouts I have done have just been 15 minute workouts with 20 leg lifts in the morning a 15 minute workout in the afternoon and a 15 to 20 minute walk give or take with the dogs.

Though a few days ago I pulled a muscle in my neck and shoulder so I did some yoga to try to loosen up my muscles some. Now it’s fine and today I did a good long workout but short. Did a little sweating and now I feel refreshed and happy. Nothing is better than doing a workout and lifting your mood.

Iv also had a few IBS attacks last night being one of the nights. I had a grilled cheese my dad made me for dinner we all had soup and my dad made him and I a grilled cheese on either dark rye or pumpernickel I’m not 100% sure which one it was but though it tasted yummy with in an hour I was gassy and bloated and ya had to take some buscopan for it to settle down and go back to normal.

The nice thing about having lost all the weight that I have is buying new cute clothing. I mean that is always a plus to losing weight. A few new things I have bought is this new skirt by Calvin Kline got it on sale but the size is pretty cool since it’s a size 8. Also the day I got that skirt I had tried on some dresses all in size 10. I almost bought this lovely deep purple dress. Its form-fitting very pretty with sleeves that go just above the elbow. I also tried on a red number no sleeves as well a black number. Well last Sunday my parents were out at the shop I had gone with my mother that Friday.

And my mother said if one of three dresses were there she would pick it up for me if it was still there. They get back home and my mom was able to get it for me.The purple one with short sleeves. The reason I said if it was still there is because it was on a major discount. As well the brand is Ralph Lauren I’ll take photo’s of the dress at a later date and post at my blog when I do.

I also picked up a pair of yoga pants yesterday from Old Navy the size I got was medium which fits a size 8/10 and right now I’m that size. The pants fit like they were made for my body. And of course I’ll wear them when I do yoga as well to chill in around the house lol. I mean half the people who wear yoga pants don’t even do yoga LOL. I also picked up a fleece sweater jacket in a large. It’s nice to have something a little more form-fitting. The one that I have that I got from LTS is an extra-large and I drown in it. But its nice and comfy I bought it like a year or two ago when I was larger.

So now I slowly just have to replace some items in the new size that I am. Of course I will hold on to some items that I’m sure I can have taken in a little. And for some things I will just have to let them go to a new home. And that is also fine to do. Sometimes you just have to get that stuff out of your closet.

So ya that’s the latest update of my weight loss and where my weight is currently at. Its pretty amazing it’s now October and its taken me a year and a little bit to lose all this weight and to think I used to be 238lbs its pretty crazy. I do also have to say that my stomach is not perfect and from gaining all that weight to losing a ton of it I do have some skin that has not snapped back into place but that’s kind of to be expected. And Iv accepted that part of me. At some point you just have to accept your self the way you are after losing so much weight, your body will never go back to the way it was before but it can sure come close.

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2 thoughts on “Sitting Tight In The 170’s Range In Weight

  1. Congratulations on all the hard work and weight loss! Your attitude is fantastic so I’m not surprised you were successful! Have fun getting a new wardrobe!

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