Getting Your Hair Cut

So I had a hair appointment for October the 10th to get my hair trimmed. But I have since canceled it and will go back in December one of the reasons is I had trimmed the back of my hair my self. I did it ever so carefully and slowly. And I did such a good job nobody noticed lol. I took about a half-inch off. Then last night I decided to trim my bangs ever so slightly and now my hair looks super cute. I’m very pleased with how it turned out. And so now I have no reason to go to the hair salon till December.

To be honest I’m still a tad miffed from when the stylist over thinned out my bangs. And so I kind of don’t want to go back for as long as I can. At least with trimming your own hair you’re in control with how much gets removed. I’m sure that if I had gone she would try to thin out my hair again which I also don’t want to happen ever again. And some people get scissors happy and sure hair grows back but when your growing out your hair and people remove too much its a scary thing when they cut too much and than you’re not happy with it. There is still one spot in my bangs which you can’t see from the photo’s above that is thinner then the rest in one spot. And so I’m still annoyed when I see it.

Id much rather take my own hair into my hands and trim ever so slightly then at least I’m in control of my hair for now. By December I know I will have to go and get it shaped but that’s not for another two months which gives me another two months worth to grow what I trimmed out. Also it will give a little more time to the other hair on my head to grow out as well.

So far I’m thrilled with my hair journey and so very proud of my self for staying on the path of growing it out. There have been times I have thought just shave it. But the ugly stages are slowly being grown out and I think my hair looks pretty cute with a head band in it. Don’t you think. Slowly but surely it’s getting there.

Over & Out


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