Friendships are sometimes good sometimes great and some are even best, so close they have known you for years and some become best from past relationships that did not work out. Then you have friends you have never met in person but have met online and have kept in contact with for years there like the new version of a pen pal only there is no pen used just the computer or laptop or some other part of technology.

I have a few very close as well best friends I have known for years my best friend I met when I was around 17 years of age and we have been friends ever since. I am friends with two other people I met them around 1999 and 2000 and have been friends ever since. And then I have my pen pals I met from YouTube when I had my channel over there and have known them for a number of years I know there have been a number just don’t remember the right amount but it does not really matter.

Also I do find and have said this topic to my best friend that good friends are very hard to come by. Over the years you may stay in contact with a select few or maybe you have more than ten amazing friends but on the whole friends are hard to find and sometimes harder to keep. Sometimes you have to let some go to grow as a person if they are only holding you back from becoming the best person you can possibly be.

You can also be friends or best friends with the person you are dating. Sometimes its better to have that friendship because if things do not work out at the very least you have a great friendship to fall back on to. Lets face it some people are just not meant to be together on a romantic level. The spark sometimes can also leave the relationship and the friend aspect of that relationship is what remains of it. And that is also okay too.

Well the reason for this post is that last part is how I see my relationship. It’s become less romantic and more about the friendship. I’m not going to go into the details but I know we make better friends than being a romantic couple. I love him and always will but as far as the spark it left the building a long time ago. Its better to have friends then to have nothing at all. We have both come to the conclusion that we make better friends than being a romantic couple. And Id rather have a best friend then nothing at all.

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