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So I have been using online dating sites for many many years. I have used as well, POF also known as Plenty of fish. But by far I would say the best website out there that I have used is they have the best matches. Fun Q&A the more you do the better your matches become it’s 100% free but of course you can always pay for some features. Messaging other members and getting reply’s is completely free. And I also think the members are super polite with the odd perv lol. Let’s face it it is the net after all so your bound to run into a few of them.

I personally did not like at all I spent $50 bucks on a 3 month package and it sucked huge waste of money for me anyways. I also was not a fan of because it was not super free. POF also not a huge fan of too much questions that were not fun to answer. But Okcupid is my fave to use. It’s easy to use as well and uploading photo’s was simple.

It’s also a very open website so if you’re any sexuality that is pretty much okay too. If you’re a female and into chicks that is fine or if you’re a guy and into other men that is fine too. It’s a pretty liberal website which is nice to have. And many people use the website. They have some neat profile questions and you can add as much as you want or as little as you want on the website.

They also have a cell phone app so you can use it on the go. It’s just one of the websites I have always gone back to because it’s such a joy to use. I met my ex off the website so even though we did not work out as a romantic couple I still think the website is great. They also have a block feature as most websites should have if they already don’t. So if someone is bothering you you can stop all contact with them.

With any form of online dating website you should never give out personal information such as banking info or send money to anyone I mean that is just a major rule. And if meeting someone off-line please meet in a public setting. Be careful when it comes to online dating there are many crazy people out there.

So do your self a favor and check out

Happy Online Dating

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