I’ve Made It To 170lbs

Which is so freaking cool. That is almost 70 pounds lost. I’m sorta of floored because when I started my weight loss journey it was amazing to lose 5 pounds. 70 pounds is a lot of weight that is like either a big dog or a small kid lol.  I started wanting to get into better shape and it just so happens I look way better in clothing now. I also had an almost 8 month relationship while going through my weight loss and tho that relationship ended I’m still keeping up with my work out and eating healthy life style. I sure hope that last part made sense whatever, you know what I’m talking about haha.

I’m slowly buying new pieces of clothing for my newer body because a lot of the clothing I have in my closet is for a much bigger size. So now I have to slowly buy and add new tops in a size large because my extra-large is just way to big on me. Same with other things like some of my dresses that I have are way to big and don’t sit right on my body. It’s maybe one the more annoying things about weight loss. Getting a new wardrobe and though I am thrilled with my new body it’s just a tad bit of a headache. Because you have to fork out more money to add in new clothing piece’s which takes time.

Then again though it is annoying it is also fun because I get to get rid of clothing and add in new fabulous pieces that look amazing on me. So really it’s not all that bad. All in all I would rather be skinny wearing fabulous clothing that I feel good in and proud to of lost almost 70 pounds then to be 238 again feeling like crap in everything I wear so ya there is an upside for sure.

I am for sure proud of my self for losing almost 70 pounds and its amazing to think that I used to be 238 pounds holy cow LOL.

238 on the left & 170 on the right.

485402_10152963156350587_1351489252_n image (2)


Over & Out


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