Some Exciting News


So back in 2012 I started a company that I ended up later on closing. Well I’ve decided to re open next year. I’ve learned a lot since closing the business and now know A. You have to have a ton of patience and B. to do things way differently. I think I have grown as a person as well and have learned so much since then. That I know I will be able to do well at it when the time comes. And it’s something that I really do love.

Of course I have to start from scratch again and start small and build it from the ground up and not let things get me down. Especially when times get tough. Also found a great new website builder to work with where it will be easier to build the website with drag and drop. It’s called you can build anything on there such as personal websites as well online stores. I first saw a tv commercial about it. So I know when I go to build the website it will look way better than the first one ever did and though it was good for the most part the wix site seems to be a little easier.

I’ll be doing things a lot different the second time around. And hey that is what growing and learning is all about. So keep a lookout for more news next year. I’ll keep you all posted.

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