The Shrinking Woman

Lily Tomlin as Edith Ann in rocking chair

So today I had to go to my doctor’s and before leaving the house I stepped on the scale. Now a few days ago after I wrote my blog post about being 170 lbs I stepped on the scale and it read I was 169 lbs. Well today it read 167 lbs I was going to mention to my doctor about the rapid weight loss because I was a tad concerned this morning. I mean I’m happy of my weight loss but by no means am I trying to get super-duper skinny. Any who before I saw my doctor the nurse asked to weigh me and measure me. Turns out I went from being 6’3 to 6’2 hence the title of the post lol. And I weigh in at 163.6 lbs that is what the scale said.

Back to the main part of the story so my doctor was thrilled to hear that I’m doing so well with the weight loss I asked if I should be worried and he said no. With the amount of exercise that I am doing and eating the right amount of portions and eating healthy and going to the bathroom normal everything is fine and yes my metabolism has sped up but now my body is trying to find a balance. Though he did say if I lose more than say 5 pounds to go back and he will check things out.

But he said don’t worry about things right now. So that is a good thing I think. I told him I used to weigh like 150’s to 160′ back in my late teens and mid 20’s. I also said because I suffer from IBS that could also have some effect because I’m not hungry all the time but I’m not skipping meals I eat three times a day and sometimes will have snacks in the afternoons not all the time but ya. So that is one thing I will not worry about. So that is the latest I have shrunk in both ways haha.

Now on to some not so great news if people have been following the news and what has come about here in Canada’s Capital I was a little stuck downtown for a small period of time. My doctor’s office is on the other side of the city almost sorta like a lol. Any who some crazy shit is happening in the world and if you think it can’t happen in your own city think again there are some real stupid crazy ass people in the world. I wish all the bad shit that is happening would just stop. It’s pretty scary to even walk the streets.

Alright that is the latest.

Be safe everyone

Over & Out


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