Having The It Factor

I’m not overly sure if that is the right headline for this post but whatever just go with me here haha. When I was bigger I did not find I got much attention with the whole online dating world. Sure I got some and normally from people I was not overly thrilled about. Except for a few people my ex being one of them. But since dropping all that weight and having a new body with a new outlook on-life and having a positive outlook and just an over all new self-confidence, I am attracting so many more good-looking sexy guys all different in their own way.

And for once it is nice for a change. I’m speaking with a handful of new guys. From all over the place not just in my city but from else where not that does me any good of course but it’s still a great feeling. So maybe I have the it factor whatever that is. I’m really starting to enjoy this single life of mine much more so now then I have before. Sure there is a few bumps that come about now and then but that’s the online dating world right?.

So ya have plans for tonight for coffee with another fellow. Coffee meetings are the best because you get to see if there is any chemistry and see if you want to spend any amount of time getting to know the person. Plus coffee is pretty cheap though I’ll have a hot chocolate the pub near me makes the best with whip cream on top and rims the glass with sugar mmmm. Also I only will meet people in public in a public setting because you have to be careful with who ever you meet online. And so there is a coffee shop close by as well a pub but I like the pub setting better because I know the people who work there.

Happy & Safe Online Dating.

Over & Out

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