Enjoying Being Single

So with in the last week I have met 3 guys. All from one website tho the guy I met last night I had spoken to him on another site prior. The last two guys I enjoyed meeting and hope to meet again. I’m still in contact with the fellow from Friday so that is always a good sign. I’m thinking of spending the 25$ for a month on Okcupid because there are apparently 475 people wanting to meet me so the site tells me. Which is always a good sign and of course you get to do more as a paid member but as a free member its pretty good since you can send and receive messages and like people and what not.

I did end up putting in my profile that I was a transsexual and proud of it. I have nothing to hide and that way if there not cool with it they can move on and it’s all good so far I have had great responses from people who are fine with it so that is a good thing for me. Of course with any website you get some funny people but so far so good. I get about 5 or so messages a day some from new people and some from people I’m already talking to.

I’m really enjoying being single and I’m attracting more attractive people as well must be the whole being in shape thing and having a positive outlook. I mean personality counts for sure but I’m enjoying all of the attention I’m getting that is for sure. Any who so ya lately I’ve just been talking to new people staying up late talking which I need to cut back on and 3 guys in one week is not bad I think. Since before when I was heavier I hardly met anyone so go fig.

Any who that is what’s new with me. Sorry I have not been on in a while but ya that is whats keeping up my time haha.

Over & Out


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