Hair Growth Update

Ok so this is me with no makeup and no wig so I’m sorry if it scares you but whatevs it’s not really about my looks in this photo it’s about my hair. Any who I had the back trimmed up a month ago. And so this is what my hair looks like dried from a shower no blow dryer or flat-iron is used and ya.

image (3)

Yikes lol sorry people any who. The sides have really grown out and they’re doing this weird wave pattern. Never had it before but I’m sure if I was to flat-iron it it would be even longer. My bangs have a wave in them as well and I know for a fact if I straighten them they would reach my eye brows so that is a good thing.

My hair is slowly coming along but the cool news is I just bought some Bellami clip in hair extensions which I will do a complete review when I get them in. I’ve seen enough hair videos on YouTube about not just this brand but how to combine clip ins with short hair and I have seen some people with shorter hair than me rocking clip ins.

I would also like to wear my own hair out and have another option to have long hair without wearing a wig. And with clip in extensions I can do that while I wait for my own hair to grow. And they wont damage my hair unlike others like glue or bonding or whatever. The ones I bought are in the color dark brown #2 and they are 18 inches of the piccolina 120g. I would also like to add I bought them with my own money and will do a full review when I get them in so please keep an eye out for that in the Everything Beauty category .

I’ve had clip ins years ago but my hair was much shorter and they were way more pricier then what I had paid for. They were by Raquel Welch and they were okay but they were not anything big. Any who this company is huge on YouTube as well beauty bloggers that I read and found and watched online all you have to do is a Google search for Bellami and bam LOL.

Any who so that is what my hair looks like at this very moment. Its getting there slowly but surely.

Over & Out


4 thoughts on “Hair Growth Update

    1. Thanks. Ya ill be posting a video I found on yt of how to use clipins i. Very short hair this girl has shorter hair then me lol and shes rocking them

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