New Makeup Review Of Makeup by One Direction Kits

Here I have some fabulous lip gloss. If you’re like me and love lip gloss you may never want to put these down. Checkout the Liquilights Glow Gloss.


Liquilights Glow Gloss sparkles brilliantly during the day and illuminates under UV black light after dark. Enriched with natural oils and vitamin E to keep your lips soft and hydrated all day and all night. So if you’re at the club watch out people will be checking out your fabulous lips.

image1 (1)

Gloss can be worn alone for a pop of sparkle and color, or paired with One Direction crème lipstick for a bolder look.

Colours are as follows.

Far Left Kiss You – Orange Glitter Rush

Middle Taken – PowerHouse Pink

Far Right Through the Dark – Electric Glitter Poppy


Through the Dark- Electric glitter poppy lip gloss that glows to neon red-orange under UV light (Does Not Work)


Kiss You- Orange glitter rush lip gloss that glows to neon yellow under UV light (Does Not Work)


Taken – Powerhouse glitter pink lip gloss that glows to neon orange under UV light (Does Not Work)



I love when my nail varnish stands out so up next I’ve got some great bright colours that I think you’re gonna love. Check out Rock Me Nail Kit. The Rock Me Nail Kit, featuring NEON UV-REACTIVE Nail Varnish and UV-REACTIVE GLITTER nail toppings that add even more sizzle to your mani, for nails that light up day and night.


image (24)

Just sprinkle the glitter over wet polish for a subtle accent, or go for the glitz and dip your entire wet mani in mega-watt sparkle!

Nail Varnish Colours:
Happily– UV iced blue glitter


Glitter Toppings:

Kicks- UV snow cone blue

image (17)image (14)

Nail Varnish Colours:

Moments- UV neon pink

Tipped with

Glitter Toppings:

Not afraid- UV electrified pink glitter

image (11)image (7)

Nail Varnish Colours:
Diana- UV 3D holographic

Tipped with

Glitter Toppings:

Star– UV holo glitter

image (19)image (23)image (20)

Makeup by One Direction will hit the follow stores November 15th!
Stage Stores
Beauty Brands
Lord & Taylor

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Laser Hair Removal


Photo taken from Google

So over the last few years or so I’ve been getting laser hair removal on my face. It’s a long processes as well has been a bit pricey. And at times I skip out on treatments. But lately I’ve been pretty good about it. I’ve maybe had 20 treatments on my upper lip in total and about 4 on my entire face now.

The last treatment I had on my face I noticed something new the lady did which was after lifting it and putting it down. She then went over the whole area again without lifting the laser. I noticed a huge difference with hair completely gone from my face in spots.

So the treatment I got today was the same as last time though the girl who did it today was a different girl because my reg girl was sick. But this new girl sure went over the areas I think a little better. So that was good and I noticed that when she was done the first part she then I guess raised the laser temp to then go back over the areas without lifting the laser.

I have a pretty good idea that when I go back in next time I will just have to get some electrolysis done to remove the lighter hairs that I have. Because laser hair removal only gets the dark hair if you have light hair it wont work because there is not much pigment for the laser to hit. That is why when the girl goes over the dark areas you really feel it and when she goes over the lighter hair there is no feeling.

 I really hate this hair removal crap but to never ever have to pluck or shave again it’s worth it. Thankfully I don’t have a ton of hair to remove and once my face is done then I want to get my arm pits as well bikini line and upper legs. So I never have to shave again. I might just do my whole legs instead of just the uppers. My aunt had her legs done but she did electrolysis and that shit is painful lol. And if they are not careful it can also scar you. So that is something else to consider.

Laser hair removal can also scar you if they have it up to high so you do have to be careful with that as well and you want to make sure you’re going to a qualified place. I would rather go somewhere and have it done then do those at home devices. I thought about buying one actually but have not bothered with it.

If you have any experience in either of the two please share you’re experiences below.

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My Poor Laptop

So recently I bought a iPad mini keyboard and case in one combo. For my iPad mini that I am for sure getting for Christmas. I will do a full review on that and where I got it once I get my iPad and I know it works well with it.

But back onto the topic at hand. My poor laptop if all of you recall I was having problems with it a little while ago it was freezing every time I went to watch a video on it such as YouTube. Well now it’s really on its last legs it now will freeze all together. I’ll be writing something and bam! It’s like you got to be kidding me just hold out a little longer please.

For the amount I do on my laptop an Ipad mini will be perfect for me. I will most likely get the newest model with the 64GB because its big enough to store what I need and will have extra room. Also the finger print is handy to have as well. And the model I plan on getting will have the option for me to hook it up to a cellular plan if I so choose to. I also want to get a good adapter so I can hook up my tv to it to watch movies from with my HDMI cable but the one Apple sells is only rated 3 stars out of 5 and most people hate it so I will have to find another store that sells it.

I’m looking forward to getting it also because I’m ordering it online and having it engraved to say Merry Christmas 2014, Love Mom & Dad & Chris. Since they are pretty much paying for it and giving me the money so I can stick it on my credit card. Any who so ya my dumb laptop is slowly dying heck I’m lucky to just be able to write on here haha.

Also the pad where you make the mouse move around is also on its last legs and sometimes will fly across the screen for no reason. It’s utterly annoying but I have had this laptop for over 6 years now and that has to be the longest time a laptop has still worked I would think lol. With only one battery change which was a few years ago it’s still kicking though if being on it for a small period of time it gets pretty warm. Also because it is so old its heavy not light at all. Oh and whats even more funny is that it’s plugged in pretty much all the time and now the icon in the right bottom corner says it’s plugged in not charging but of course I just look now and it says its fully charged so go fig lol.

I swear its got a mind of its own but any who what can you do but get something new and better and lighter and smaller and cuter haha.

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Headband 3/4 Wigs

1.0x0 (1)

Since growing my hair out and it getting to a decent length I’ve been wanting to have more fun with adding hair to my hair and being able to wear it in different styles and just have fun. As you know I bought some clip in extensions but what I also really wanted was a 3/4 half wig. I’ve seen some on wig sites for over 150$ bucks and I thought just for something fun I’m sure I could get one that does not cost all that much and since everything is made in china anyways I’ll just order from one of those sites where it comes right from there.

I had ordered from this one company in the past for other items and liked what I got so I thought heck for US $12.10 so Canadian it was like $14.10 free shipping and if for some reason the order needs to be canceled on their part they will refund your money and on top of that pay you 20 to 30 bucks US.

The one I ordered has a braid where the band is as seen in the photo above. It’s about 18.72 length. The weight is 160 grams. You can pick you’re colors they have Black, Dark Brown, Medium Brown and Light Brown. If you’re interested in ordering one you can click here Though don’t expect to get it quickly if anything it could take a month you just never know. The estimated time is between Sat Dec 20 and Mon Jan 19. Hopefully I’ll see it sooner than then but again it it coming from china haha.


The color I bought was dark brown. And I ordered it from dhgate. I also had bought my Marilyn Monroe chiffon scarf from this company as well a Marilyn Monroe shower curtain. Of course on dhgate it’s very much like ebay so you buying from a seller but with the fact that if something gets canceled by the seller then they have a Seller Guarantee Services.

Which is this: Sellers who are part of Seller Guarantee Services are responsible for fulfilling the promise for the service they provide. In the case the seller does not fulfill his promise for the respective seller guarantee service, the buyer is entitled to monetary compensation. The amount of compensation depends on “Dispatch Pledge Service”.

Dispatch Pledge Guarantee

Our Dispatch Pledge Guarantee applies to any product that is included as part of our Guarantee and includes the following conditions:

  • When the seller does not dispatch the goods within the agreed processing time, our system will automatically return payment to the buyer and also deduct US $20 from the seller’s account to compensate the buyer;
  • When the seller provides an invalid tracking number. In this case, upon notification from buyer, on his/her behalf, we will investigate the complaint. Once we have confirmed the tracking number to be invalid, our system will deduct US $30 from the seller’s account to compensate the buyer;

These rules do not apply to situations where the buyer has cancelled the order.

Dispatch Pledge (Special Condition)

If a customer places multiple orders for the same product to be shipped to the same address within a narrow timeframe (e.g. one month), these orders will be treated as one order if a seller violates our Dispatch Pledge Guarantee.

In such an instance, compensation to the buyer will be as follows:

  • The seller does not dispatch the goods: $20
  • The seller provides an invalid tracking number: $30

So I really like this website for that. Also the seller does not get paid and till the item is in your hands. Which i also really like see the chart below. Photo was taken as a screen shot so you can see what I mean.



So if you want something that wont cost you a ton of money and you like the hunt of finding things at a cheaper price tag go for it. Though because it’s not costing a lot of money don’t have high hopes. Then again you might be just surprised as well. As I was with the last two things I bought from dhgate the scarf was great and of great quality and the shower curtain was also very nice and I had seen it else where for a lot more money same with the scarf.

Any who happy dhgate shopping lol.

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I Still Have LTR Dreams


So my dreams are not forever gone of having a long-term relationship. I would still very much like that to happen for me and yes even get hitched at some point would be alright too. I think after my last relationship I became a tad bitter sorta. And just wanted to be free and maybe have something open and so forth but to be honest with you I don’t want to share at all. I don’t want to share the person I’m with with anyone. And having an open relationship is not something I ever plan on doing.

So that being said I am at the moment talking to some great bachelors. Some are a tad further then I would like but when it’s talking its alright. Also some live in my city too. I think I will always want the whole 9 yards, I am a hopeless romantic for sure and though this may seem lame to some I’m on the hunt for my prince. Any who I just wanted to share my thoughts on this whole thing.

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So You’re An Ass

I honestly don’t know what to put but I thought that would suit the post. Any who last night was not a great night but sometimes they happen when you have trichotillomania sometimes you have minor set backs but I can’t count it as a major set back because there is not spots of hair missing. There is no visible damage and to me that is better then having some. I did not need to panic as I normally would and was able to stop my self before damage could be done. This time 20 hairs probably left my scalp. Am I feeling crappy about it no is it a shitty feeling of course but as I said no major damage has been done I’m not left with a bald patch.

Typically in the past there would be so much damage done that I would have to remove all hair from my head (shave it) because I would be worried that I would pull it all out. Thankfully I am managing it a lot better. What i need to do is just wear my turban cap as soon as I come to my room to watch tv or use my laptop so I am not temped to start playing with my hair. Because normally playing with it leads to twisting it which then leads to tugging on it and then well you get what I’m saying.

Also the thoughts that run through my head now after whatever is stressing me out or turning in my head is this. You don’t want to have to shave your head do ya? You will be bald if you keep doing this so stop it!. You want long hair that is the goal right! ? You want to be able to put it up in a ponytail next summer right? So the thoughts that invade and take over are those which I think are way better then (it feels great to pull you feel better to pull). Tho it does feel good to pull the after effects are not all that great and your left looking ugly as all shit. I’m sorry to say but its true when you have left damage and bald spots and the only person you can blame for your self inflicted hair loss is your self. It sucks like why did I have to have this thing that causes me to pull.

But there are ways around it. Now I’m not sure there is even anything that cures trich if there was I would take it in a heart beat but so far my method is working in the sense of me being able to grow my hair out. It is also a goal of mine to grow it long. I want to grow it as long as I possibly can at least past my boob yup I want hair that is in the middle of my back long. With pretty layers and side swept bangs. I want long luscious hair. Like those gorgeous long wigs that everyone loves from Jon Reneu or Noriko or Amore. You know the ones I’m talking about haha.

Ever since I was little I loved long hair. I think its just super feminine. When I watch The Victoria Secret ads on tv or watch their Runway show over the Holidays I just love their long flowy hair. Sure most of it is not as thick and you can bet their ass they are wearing hair extensions to some degree but you get what I’m saying. Sure some people like short hair and all that but I don’t like me with short hair maybe its a trans thing I dunno. But it’s always been I guess a little obsession of mine that I like on my self is long hair. I feel pretty with long hair whether its my hair or a wig. With short hair I don’t feel pretty, I don’t feel sexy I feel plain and a tad boring. Sorry to all the women with short hair out there. You can rock it I don’t feel I can.

Any who I went off topic sorta with that one but any way no real damage has been done. And no real set back is happening I just needed to get that off my chest that last night was not a great night. I guess I’m also feeling a little blah lately too. This whole dating thing is pissing me off a tad. I miss my ex boyfriend in the text of a boyfriend. Christmas is coming and whatever any who moving on. Everything will work it’s self out right right lol.

This is how long my hair is now

image1 (2)

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The Joys Of Online Dating

Idiots, lately that is what I have been running into. Last nights supposed date that was to happen was a crap shoot. First thing I got the vibe that it was just not going to work with this one guy I have had two dates with. All of yesterday through text things where not said clearly which put me in a not so great mood. Then we had made plans for 8pm then it was changed to 8:30pm by the time mr idiot showed up it was almost 10pm. The coffee shop near my house closes at 10pm the pub we ended up going near was packed we ended up going back to the coffee shop I ordered a chocolate latte which then was not working so she gave me a large hot chocolate but by this point I’m already severely pissed off. Then he wants to walk in the fucking cold to a spot and I’m surprised my face was not beat red with anger.

I then told him look you make me wait almost 2 hours your freaking late you suck at responding to text messages I’m really not in the mood for this shit or to hang out and to be honest I just don’t think this is going to workout. He says oh okay then I guess I’ll go home, I’m like ya okay bye and I left him and started to walk home, I was so pissed that the large hot chocolate never made it into my mouth because I was so pissed I threw the thing on the road. It takes a lot for me to get pissed off these days but my god. At like 8:30pm he should have said sorry can we make it another night shot me a text and left it at that.

But through these hours that I’m waiting I had tried calling him to which he never picked up then when he did respond to a text I said I tried calling pick up. So I call again he picks up to then have the phone hang up on me saying it was bad reception. So that was making my blood boil then when the phone was working I asked where he was in relation to where I live he’s like I don’t know the bus stop I’m not on a main bus location. I was like okay whats the 4 number bus I can look it up on my bus app. He’s like I don’t know the name or the street I’m on. At this point I’m getting even more pissed then he’s like the bus is here, I’m like whats the bus number then he tells me. The 87 Baseline. So I then check my buss app to find out when the next bus is to sorta help him out a bit.

The feeling I was getting at this point in my gut was this guys an idiot. One thing I am learning is its better to express face to face. In the past I did every thing over a phone or an email or even a text but now I feel way better to speak face to face. So when I did finally see him I was already pissed. And when we ended up going to the coffee shop I walked in front of him I think he could tell I was royally pissed. And then of course after it was just like explosive. As for me I am fully over this dude. I will never put up with something like this again. And as far as I’m concerned fuck men all together I’ll just stay single. I guess I’m still kind of annoyed. I should have just went with my gut feeling and when I knew something might be up to just of canceled the plans right then and there and said forget it you’re not here it’s 8:30pm lets just make plans for some other night. Instead of him making me wait almost 2 fucking hours. Oh and him complain that a coffee shop is to boring and I’m like it’s what you make of it. And it was his idea to begin with. I should also mention he wanted me to sleep over at his place on a 3rd date so I would not have to take the bus home.


Any who it’s over now and I’ll never speak to him again ever.

On wards and upwards.

PS my stupid piece of crap laptop is now wanting to freeze when I’m not even watching YT videos now so that’s fucking fabulous. I’ve just ordered a 3 in one mini ipad case/ key board so when I get my ipad mini this xmas I’ll be able to blog and type easily.

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