My Weekend

So Friday was Halloween and my night was a bust. Though I did manage to get caught up with some of my shows that I had taped last week. Saturday afternoon I got together with my ex. We went down town and I went to Victoria Secret to get bra measured again since the last time I went was back in the summer. I did not buy a bra this time I just wanted to find out what size I am since I know for a fact I’m much smaller than a 36. The woman measured me at from a 34DD to a 32DDD but that I could probably fit both. The one bra I had bought last month by mistake tho not a mistake now was a 34DD and it fits perfectly.

We then went into Sephora so I could pick up my free b-day gift sample. Since I’m a VIB Very Impotent Beauty Insider is what that stands for. So when ever you spend money there you get points which you can then use on things. And when it’s your birthday month they give you a free sample size product. This month is a Makeup Forever sample lipstick and mascara. So I wanted to get mine while we were down there.

Then we headed over to Oh So Good Desserts & Coffee House. They have coffee and cakes and that sort of thing. The seats are not that comfy but its a cute little place in the market.

Then later on Saturday night I had a date with a guy I had met once before. We met each other at the same cafe I was at in the afternoon with my ex. I had never been to Oh So Good at night-time its a tad more happening with more people at night. And it’s the only coffee house I know of that stays open till midnight. After that we had a little walk in a park on the parliament grounds.

Then he drove me home and we had a nice good-bye kiss. But not sure what happens next. Online dating is so strange or dating in general. You never know if your going to talk to the person again and all that. We never kissed the first time we met and this being the second time seeing each other maybe a kiss was too much who knows.

I enjoyed my self though I had a nice time. Whatever anyways that was my weekend for the most part. Today is Sunday as I write this I have already done a workout and then took all three dogs for a walk. Now just going to relax most likely and ya that was my weekend. Hope everyone’s was good as well.

Keep an eye out for my clip in hair extensions review coming this week. I should be getting in the next few days.

Over & Out

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