My Hair


So this is a much better photo of what my hair looks like. It’s grown so much since the beginning of the year. I can even see my bangs when I look up its pretty cool.

I won’t be going for another hair trim and till next feb. And I won’t be colouring my hair and till then too. I only wash my hair every three days. I change up what I use in my hair. And I’ve stopped just doing the conditioner and i have gone back to using shampoo first then conditioner.

Because I’m only washing my hair every three days my hair no longer feels dry. And I also put on the redken anti snap treatment. I’m still not loving the length of my hair but I am loving that it’s not super short so that is saying something. A few more months and I will be loving my hair.

It just takes such a long time to grow your hair out. Patience is key that is for darn sure haha.

Over & Out


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