Some Cool Stuff

Okay so even though my birthday sorta sucked as the saying goes every day is a new day or or tomorrow is a new day or whatever that saying is you get what I mean. So Wednesday I got in the mail my Instawave and Thursday night I used it for the first time and it works amazing if you hate curling your hair then your going to love this because it does the work for you pretty much. Please go check out my review and pick one up your self.

Thursday night I had a dinner date with this really cute guy who’s 26 tall good-looking great personality and I had a really good time. We already made plans to get together sometime next week he’s going to cook me dinner at his place. How sweet is that. I’m definitely enjoying this whole single life. Don’t think I have ever met more people online for dates then I have right now. Though I’m looking forward in seeing this guy again that is for sure.

I am no longer angry at my ex. There is no point really and shit happens right so whatever you pick your self up and move on. There is no point to fret the small stuff so whatever were still friends and ya.

I received a few more beauty samples in the mail that I will probably have up next week. So make sure to keep an eye out for that on the beauty section of my blog. I’m having a lot of fun reviewing them and it’s really fun to do as well. I’m still working out and staying in shape I think my weight has settled down Have not lost more weight if anything I have gained a few pounds but I’m still skinny and fabulous and loving it. And working out and eating great and ya I feel really good.

So that is the latest with what is going on with me. Hope all is doing great and talk to all of you soon.

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