Something Vintage

Recently my mother gave me two of her sweaters. There from like the 1970’s or 1980’s. There is two of them but in these two photo’s I only have the one which is purple on purple sequins and bead work. The other one which I don’t have any photo’s of but when I wear that one I will also add it into this post is a black sweater with different colors such as white and what not. The dolmen sleeves in clothing is pretty in right now so these are pretty fun. Let me know what you all think? Also I’ve worn them with my dark blue skinny jeans.

Side note I wore this outfit this past Sunday when I was going for dinner with my family to celebrate both my brother and mine’s birthdays.

10363387_10154801248040587_216349515508544928_n 1962671_10154801248265587_2794452076232726007_n

Over & Out


6 thoughts on “Something Vintage

  1. Too cute! I finally figured out why I wasn’t seeing your posts anymore in the Reader – somehow I got un-followed from your blog! Not sure how that happened but I had to click ‘follow’ again just now. Weird.

      1. oh haha thank u! I was thinking about doing a makeup tutorial or something one day but in the meantime i won’t be posting like at all haha thanks tho ❤

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