My Online Dating Experience Thus Far

So I’ve been doing the online dating for a little over a month now. I’ve met 7 people two which I still speak too. With those two people I have had two dates with each of them. The one guy I think is more of a friends then anything else since I have not really seen him since and he was having some sort of surgery so he is out of commission for a while.

The second guy I met, last week for a dinner date at the local pub near my house it went well and we had a second date just this week. I went to his place and he cooked me dinner. We had pasta with shrimp it was very tasty and he’s a good cook though the recipe I had given him. He also bought dessert which was like a strawberry short-cake that was also very nice.

Both guys are 26 years of age. Both tall and good-looking. As for other people I have spoken to they are all about talking and not really into making plans which is kind of a piss off to be honest with you. Id rather talk for a like a day or so and then make plans to meet face to face. And though I am having fun going on dates with people I do and would like a relationship for sure. I would be very much lying if I said I was not. I mean you can only go and meet so many people and till your bored of that and want something a little more on going. So yes if you asked me would I like a boyfriend again for sure you bet your ass.

That being said I’m just going with the flow with this online dating thing. Nothing is set in stone but I am hopeful I will have another boyfriend again in the near future.

Happy Dating.

Over & Out

8 thoughts on “My Online Dating Experience Thus Far

      1. Well the guy i had two dates with i wont be seeing again the guy made me wait almost two hours abd theb was annoying as all shit so intold him to his face how pissed i was and i was not in the mood. And walked away and came home. Ugh

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