The Joys Of Online Dating

Idiots, lately that is what I have been running into. Last nights supposed date that was to happen was a crap shoot. First thing I got the vibe that it was just not going to work with this one guy I have had two dates with. All of yesterday through text things where not said clearly which put me in a not so great mood. Then we had made plans for 8pm then it was changed to 8:30pm by the time mr idiot showed up it was almost 10pm. The coffee shop near my house closes at 10pm the pub we ended up going near was packed we ended up going back to the coffee shop I ordered a chocolate latte which then was not working so she gave me a large hot chocolate but by this point I’m already severely pissed off. Then he wants to walk in the fucking cold to a spot and I’m surprised my face was not beat red with anger.

I then told him look you make me wait almost 2 hours your freaking late you suck at responding to text messages I’m really not in the mood for this shit or to hang out and to be honest I just don’t think this is going to workout. He says oh okay then I guess I’ll go home, I’m like ya okay bye and I left him and started to walk home, I was so pissed that the large hot chocolate never made it into my mouth because I was so pissed I threw the thing on the road. It takes a lot for me to get pissed off these days but my god. At like 8:30pm he should have said sorry can we make it another night shot me a text and left it at that.

But through these hours that I’m waiting I had tried calling him to which he never picked up then when he did respond to a text I said I tried calling pick up. So I call again he picks up to then have the phone hang up on me saying it was bad reception. So that was making my blood boil then when the phone was working I asked where he was in relation to where I live he’s like I don’t know the bus stop I’m not on a main bus location. I was like okay whats the 4 number bus I can look it up on my bus app. He’s like I don’t know the name or the street I’m on. At this point I’m getting even more pissed then he’s like the bus is here, I’m like whats the bus number then he tells me. The 87 Baseline. So I then check my buss app to find out when the next bus is to sorta help him out a bit.

The feeling I was getting at this point in my gut was this guys an idiot. One thing I am learning is its better to express face to face. In the past I did every thing over a phone or an email or even a text but now I feel way better to speak face to face. So when I did finally see him I was already pissed. And when we ended up going to the coffee shop I walked in front of him I think he could tell I was royally pissed. And then of course after it was just like explosive. As for me I am fully over this dude. I will never put up with something like this again. And as far as I’m concerned fuck men all together I’ll just stay single. I guess I’m still kind of annoyed. I should have just went with my gut feeling and when I knew something might be up to just of canceled the plans right then and there and said forget it you’re not here it’s 8:30pm lets just make plans for some other night. Instead of him making me wait almost 2 fucking hours. Oh and him complain that a coffee shop is to boring and I’m like it’s what you make of it. And it was his idea to begin with. I should also mention he wanted me to sleep over at his place on a 3rd date so I would not have to take the bus home.


Any who it’s over now and I’ll never speak to him again ever.

On wards and upwards.

PS my stupid piece of crap laptop is now wanting to freeze when I’m not even watching YT videos now so that’s fucking fabulous. I’ve just ordered a 3 in one mini ipad case/ key board so when I get my ipad mini this xmas I’ll be able to blog and type easily.

Over & Out


5 thoughts on “The Joys Of Online Dating

  1. So many men these days are just spoiled stupid, because women will put up with so much crap from them. Good for you for being one of those that doesn’t put up with it. If a man can’t behave properly and politely then they’re not worth the bother!

  2. What a dipshit…don’t let assholes deter you from dating altogether but at the same time maybe you should consider a little break so you don’t feel like you’re just associating with idiots all the time…ever since you broke up with you ex a month ago it seems like you went right back into dating so…I don’t know…just be careful and don’t let anyone bring you down.

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