My Poor Laptop

So recently I bought a iPad mini keyboard and case in one combo. For my iPad mini that I am for sure getting for Christmas. I will do a full review on that and where I got it once I get my iPad and I know it works well with it.

But back onto the topic at hand. My poor laptop if all of you recall I was having problems with it a little while ago it was freezing every time I went to watch a video on it such as YouTube. Well now it’s really on its last legs it now will freeze all together. I’ll be writing something and bam! It’s like you got to be kidding me just hold out a little longer please.

For the amount I do on my laptop an Ipad mini will be perfect for me. I will most likely get the newest model with the 64GB because its big enough to store what I need and will have extra room. Also the finger print is handy to have as well. And the model I plan on getting will have the option for me to hook it up to a cellular plan if I so choose to. I also want to get a good adapter so I can hook up my tv to it to watch movies from with my HDMI cable but the one Apple sells is only rated 3 stars out of 5 and most people hate it so I will have to find another store that sells it.

I’m looking forward to getting it also because I’m ordering it online and having it engraved to say Merry Christmas 2014, Love Mom & Dad & Chris. Since they are pretty much paying for it and giving me the money so I can stick it on my credit card. Any who so ya my dumb laptop is slowly dying heck I’m lucky to just be able to write on here haha.

Also the pad where you make the mouse move around is also on its last legs and sometimes will fly across the screen for no reason. It’s utterly annoying but I have had this laptop for over 6 years now and that has to be the longest time a laptop has still worked I would think lol. With only one battery change which was a few years ago it’s still kicking though if being on it for a small period of time it gets pretty warm. Also because it is so old its heavy not light at all. Oh and whats even more funny is that it’s plugged in pretty much all the time and now the icon in the right bottom corner says it’s plugged in not charging but of course I just look now and it says its fully charged so go fig lol.

I swear its got a mind of its own but any who what can you do but get something new and better and lighter and smaller and cuter haha.

Over & Out


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