Laser Hair Removal


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So over the last few years or so I’ve been getting laser hair removal on my face. It’s a long processes as well has been a bit pricey. And at times I skip out on treatments. But lately I’ve been pretty good about it. I’ve maybe had 20 treatments on my upper lip in total and about 4 on my entire face now.

The last treatment I had on my face I noticed something new the lady did which was after lifting it and putting it down. She then went over the whole area again without lifting the laser. I noticed a huge difference with hair completely gone from my face in spots.

So the treatment I got today was the same as last time though the girl who did it today was a different girl because my reg girl was sick. But this new girl sure went over the areas I think a little better. So that was good and I noticed that when she was done the first part she then I guess raised the laser temp to then go back over the areas without lifting the laser.

I have a pretty good idea that when I go back in next time I will just have to get some electrolysis done to remove the lighter hairs that I have. Because laser hair removal only gets the dark hair if you have light hair it wont work because there is not much pigment for the laser to hit. That is why when the girl goes over the dark areas you really feel it and when she goes over the lighter hair there is no feeling.

 I really hate this hair removal crap but to never ever have to pluck or shave again it’s worth it. Thankfully I don’t have a ton of hair to remove and once my face is done then I want to get my arm pits as well bikini line and upper legs. So I never have to shave again. I might just do my whole legs instead of just the uppers. My aunt had her legs done but she did electrolysis and that shit is painful lol. And if they are not careful it can also scar you. So that is something else to consider.

Laser hair removal can also scar you if they have it up to high so you do have to be careful with that as well and you want to make sure you’re going to a qualified place. I would rather go somewhere and have it done then do those at home devices. I thought about buying one actually but have not bothered with it.

If you have any experience in either of the two please share you’re experiences below.

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