High Heel Shoe Chair


So I finally bought one of these. I have wanted one of these since I found out about them. The color I ordered is the one above the red and black. The one furniture store was having a sale and was selling it for $99.00 they retail from any where from $199 and up. Of course some places may have it cheaper but not that I have found in Canada. Any who after seeing that price I had to have one.

I’ll be putting it in my room and the chair that I have here now will go to the basement. I have a shoe theme going on with some house wear stuff such as my bottle opener and wine bottle holder. I also have a cell phone holder in the shape of a high heel as well a ring holder.

But because most of my bedroom has Marilyn Monroe things such as my throw blanket my throw pillow and the many photo’s on the walls. It makes sense to have a chair like this. Plus how much girly can you get with a chair such as this right?.

I was going to wait to post about it so I could take photo’s of the chair but I may just add them in later. Or write-up a following post to it. It’s a good size chair the dimensions are as follows.

Width : 39.5″
Depth : 19.8″
Height : 39.5″

So it’s a pretty decent size and perfect for what I want it for. Also when I do move out of my parents house it will make a really fun piece in a livingroom as well a great conversational piece. You can get them in many different color combinations but I love the black and red hence red being a Scorpio color. I also have a red love seat in a micro suede fabric that is in the basement right now.

The only three things I need now to complete my bedroom is some new bedding from Ikea this duvet cover with shams that I want as well this amazing tall mirror and a fabric headboard. And then my room will be finished.

Let me know what you all think of the chair. Would you have something like that in you’re bedroom or other? Leave your thoughts in the comment box below.

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Hello Coach

So I finally did it. I got my very own Coach purse. I was at Winner’s today and saw this little Jem. She retails for $298 and Winner’s had her for $129.99. In total with tax I paid $146.89. It has a shorter strap for over the shoulder as well a longer strap that can be clipped on for over the body. It’s a super pretty pink color though some of the pics I took of it it looks off because of the over head light in my room and natural light but I’ll get to the photo’s soon.

I have been wanting to get a Coach purse for a few years now. I just love the pretty pastel colours they come out with. And to me Coach is just love really, I know there are other more expensive brands out there but to me Coach is just perfect. How many times can I say the word haha 4 times in less than a minute eek scary haha. Any who I doubt I’ll buy another one for a long time but that is alright. This bag that I got is leather it’s not a combine of leather and fabric which is what I wanted.

Okay enough about the bag let’s get on with the photo’s.

image image image image image image image

Using A Bluetooth Key Board

So the one I bought a while ago I installed just now and I have to say it was really easy to do. That being said it’s really easy to type on as well and because I don’t use all my fingers to type with anyways its easy for me. even though the key board is small for me its perfect for what I need it for.

I would recommend this key board for people and heck I don’t think you need to have small hands to use it. Because I sure as hell don’t haha anyway this posting is being done on my bluetooth key board. I bought mine from Amazon which you can get Here . And the best part about this keyboard it fits my iPad mini 3 perfectly it is not lose at all it does not move around and it’s just perfect for what I need it for.

I can see using it a lot for what I need it for and for blogging for sure. Even though the screen is smaller than my laptop but so far its pretty simple to do. Also for the amount of money some of the more pricey bluetooth keyboards are I think this is well worth it for the little amount of money I paid for. Also the fact that the keyboard can be removed and the case becomes just that a case you get like a 3 in one combo plus it has a little kick stand on the back when typing so its perfect.

The fact that I’m typing on this keyboard for this whole review just speaks volumes right there. So if you have an iPad mini and want a great bluetooth keyboard and a super cute case what you waiting for get this one. It will be money well spent in my books.


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My New IPad Came In

I’m loving it omg, finally set up my mail box which took me a little bit as well a phone chat with Apple to find out I could have done it my self from the outlook site lol but oh well haha. Other than that it’s simple and easy to use. I also downloaded the apps I use on my iPhone too my iPad. As well the Netflix app which it will be nice to watch movies again and YouTube. I have not set up the Bluetooth keyboard just yet but will in the coming days.

Now for the photos.

IMG_0029 IMG_0022 IMG_0018

I also want to point out that I am in fact typing on my iPad mini 3 as I write this. I am enjoying it thus far. I also want to say I did get the 64gb one and glad I did because having all the extra room will be nice even though I’ll probably never use half of it at least it will be there just in case.

So now I’m thrilled yippy happy dance lol

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Not Letting It Win

I’ve decided I’m not going to let it win let alone ruin all the progress I have achieved in growing my hair out. Okay so I had another small set back but it’s not the end of the world and I am making it to my hair appointment tomorrow morning. The set back I had written about yesterday, I did not have another one just to make that clear.

Just so people understand the basics of what it is here is a sample.

All info taken from trich.org

Hair Pulling: Causes

The cause of trichotillomania is not known. Research into the causes and treatments for TTM is still in the early stages. Preliminary evidence indicates TTM is a neuro-biological disorder and that genetics may play a role in its development. It is also possible that hair pulling may have several different causes, just as a cough can be caused by many different illnesses.

When and why do people pull?

While the underlying biology is not clearly understood at this time, we do know that people with trichotillomania generally have a neurologically based predisposition to pull their hair as a self-soothing mechanism. The pulling behavior serves as a coping mechanism for anxiety and other difficult emotions. It does not hurt and they are not trying to damage themselves. While the average age of onset is 11, trich can be found in children as young as one year old. Onset of trich can be triggered by simple sensory events, such as itchy eyelashes, or by stressful life events, and it can occur quite suddenly.

Is Trichotillomania just a nervous habit?

Hair pulling is not purely a “nervous” behavior, though it is sometimes triggered or exacerbated by stress. Surprisingly, hair pulling is just as often associated with other emotions such as boredom. The strong compulsion to pull out hair exceeds the normal idea of a “habit” that can be controlled through simple will power.

Is trichotillomania a sign of abuse or emotional disturbance?

Trichotillomania occurs in people who are happy and well-adjusted and it may also occur during times of anxiety, stress, trauma or other emotional disturbance. Hair pulling alone is not evidence of emotional disturbance or abuse, but it does not exclude such problems either. Depression is very common in people with trichotillomania and should always be screened for at the start of treatment for TTM.

I don’t think I suffer from depression any longer and I have tried the medication route and for me that never worked. But I am still rocking my turban. Anywho there ya have it. There is no cure for it but I wish there was.

Having hair problems

So I don’t need any thinning of my bangs now. And no I’m not laughing as I write this one out. I’ve pulled my hair more then 40 hairs I’m sure. One of the things that freaks me out when I have already done some damage is if I don’t shave my head that more damage can easily be done because I’ve left hair on my head.

This second batch of damage is not overly noticeable that I can see really. And I’m only like two days away from getting a hair trim. Part of me really wants to shave my head because if any more pulling happens that’s what will most likely happen so I’m not left with even a bigger bald spot or spots then what is already there.

But if I leave the hair on my head what is remaining then my hair will grow longer. I fucking can’t stand this fucking cycle. Grow hair trich comes to ruin it, shave head start all over again for it to happen again. And again and again.

When I just keep shaving my head and not worry about growing it out and just wear wigs it’s fine I don’t pull and trich does not show his ugly face. And the hat trick that was working is not working as much as it was in the beginning. So that is also a downer.

At this rate I just want to shave my head and keep what hair follicles left in tact in my head. Ugh I hate having trich.

My Christmas Of 2014


 First I want to say that I will not be doing a review on the Amber wig. Because I kind of hate it. I hate that it rides up the back of my head even with the stupid pull tabs. The ear tabs are not longer on the large cap at all. And I will more likely have to sew in clips to secure the wig in place. Also tho the lace front on mine was stupid and had a small bald spot which is just a defect in the wig I got I did use my tweezers to make the hairline less perfect and tho I cut bangs into it I wish I did not now but whatever because there not as perfect as they are on my Shilo which is what I’m wearing above. Any who the only thing I like about the Amber wig is the curls and the fiber being so soft that’s pretty much about it about that wig. And if anything I wish I got the Brittany by Amore wig again. Which I will buy again at a later point.

Moving on to my Christmas holidays they were great. I got my father to take the above photo of my boyfriend and I and no I had no idea he was going to wear that colour sweater when he showed up lol. I was already dressed like I was then saw him and was like were kind of dressed a like It’s cute I think haha. Marc got me a fleece sweater pink colored its cute tho a little short in the arms he got it at a regular shop for regular sized people LOL but other than that it fits good in the body. And he also got me a gift card to a spa. So now I have to figure out what spa I want to go to to use it. I’ll get a massage most likely which I will love.

My big brother stayed over for two nights with his dog Bruno hes a big guy. But he’s really friendly and great with the three dogs we have here.

10419021_10154942516590587_2873129092131565414_n 10427247_10154941155980587_1035253539465058652_n

My parents bought Bruno his own dog bed which of course Sophie decided oh look its just for me lol. She loved that dog bed but it was bought for Bruno not her which my brother took when they left.

My parents also got me this wine bottle holder which I have been wanting ever since I saw them online. It’s in the shape of a high heel it’s just so fun. Of course the bottle of wine is not mine but you get an idea of how it’s used. Also I think its super cute and you can use it as decoration when you don’t have any wine sitting in it.


How freaking cute is that?. I have a website I found when I was looking for them before Click Me. You can also get them at Bed Bath & Beyond. By the way you’re welcome haha.

All in all it was a nice holiday. And for New Year’s just doing the family thing also my boyfriend is coming over for that. So just relaxing times and on the 30th of December I’m going to get my hair re colored and go for a much-needed trim. I need about an inch taken off the back at the bottom so the rest of my hair can match up and get some movement in my hair. Of course I’ll take some selfies the day of my hair style makeover lol.

And till then hope everyone had a good holiday & have a Happy New Year

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Being Sick Sucks

So at this very moment I’m dealing with a cold of some sort. I believe my mother gave it to me how nice right?. It’s like ahead cold with s stuffed up nose and a not so nice cough. And lucky us right before Christmas. Shes also not well and on top of that my brother is also sick he came to visit for Sunday dinner and he’s got like laryngitis or something any who I sure hope I don’t get that. But my voice sure as hell does not sound cute that I do know lol.

Any who I managed to do some laundry today and wrap all the Christmas gifts that I had to wrap up. The worst thing about being sick is that your whole body hurts. I also got in my new wig that I had ordered. It’s the Amber wig by Jon Renau in a color 6 which is very similar in color to the Dark Chocolate by Noriko. It turns out it has more hair than the Shilo but the length is very close. So I plan to wear one for a more curled look and one more straight for another look. I also used a flat-iron to fix the Shilo since it’s mainly a straight wig I just ran it through my flat-iron on a low setting to smooth out the kinks. It looks brand new now.

As for the Amber wig it does not come with a bang at all really so I cut one into it. As careful as possible. Also my wig came with a small bald spot near the front of the lace front. So what I did I used my tweezers to tweak the lace front so it does not look so perfect and it looks a little more realistic now. I’ll do a full review of the wig when I’m feeling better. Moving on here is the before and after of my bang alteration.

Left as it comes / Right after bang trim

10432483_10154929562995587_3330859038412610438_n 10885421_10154929563020587_8861889154571732135_n

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Hello iPad Mini 3

Image taken from Google

I will be the proud owner of a iPad mini 3 in gold very soon. I just ordered it from Apple and had it engraved with Merry Christmas From Mom Dad & Chris. Since they are pretty much paying for it. And I’m just throwing in some money as well. I got the 64gb one with the wifi + cellular combo.

After going to 3 stores and finding out they only sell the ones with wifi I had to just bite the bullet and order mine online. Though with doing it this way I get to engrave it and it’s unlocked so I can choose when to hook it up with my cell phone company. And I’m not stuck with a plan or some such thing. If I was to go just to my cell company that way.

I think I will still get a new laptop at some point because I like having a laptop. But you never know I may just find the iPad easy to use for what I need it for but only time will tell for that. So I’m now looking forward in having it be delivered. Also with having a 64gb that is a ton of space and I doubt I will even use half of it but it will be nice to have if I ever need the extra space right so yippy for me lol.

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