Millionails by Essie


Taken from Essie


fiber shield + iron strength, bulletproof nails. fortified with iron, amino acids and kevlar, each bottle contains 1 million fast acting molecules to help resist peeling and splitting for visibly stronger nails.

I had to write about this because this stuff is amazing. I was having major problems with my nails they were peeling and chipping and peeling and they were not growing at all. It seemed like my once amazing nails decided to call it quits on me. It also probably did not help that I washed dish’s with no rubber gloves on. That did not help I’m sure but since wearing rubber gloves and using this nail care my nails are strong. They no longer peel like they did and they are very strong and hard.

You can put one or two coats on as well wear it under your fave nail color. And you can apply as often as needed which is also nice. You can pick it up at and probably any where that sell’s Essie. Trust me this stuff is amazing and it will do wonders for your nail’s. I finally have nice looking nails again because of this stuff. So if you have not tried it you really need to do your nails a huge favor. Trust me you will not regret it.

Millionails to the nail rescue

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