Tall Girl Problem

Shoes haha so recently I had ordered some shoes on-line from LTS. (Long Tall Sally) I ordered a 13 because that is what I take in a closed shoe. Well part of my order was ready and I had it shipped to take advantage of not having to pay for shipping. Part of my order was ready and I ordered these shoe’s because they were on sale and needed some shoes for a x-mas party I’m going to on the 14th.

So I go today to pick the shoes up also to try them on because if I was not loving them I’d just get a refund on the spot. Well I tried on these shoes that looked so cute online they had an ankle strap pointed toes really cute. But when I tried them on they were to wide and I almost needed a size 12. They were sold out of all the size 12’s. So I had the lady refund my money and I tried on two other pairs of shoes nothing like the ones I ordered online. I ended up going with this great pair from Nine West. A little more money but well worth it and in a size 12 and because I was wearing skinny jeans they looked really hot with them too. I know they will look great with the dress I plan on wearing.


image1 (1)There was another pair of shoes that I had bought online in again a size 13 a cute silver wedge style they were on sale but I was notified that they were not going to come in and till the 29th which is way past the x-mas party I need shoes for. I did not think it would take that long to be honest and I’m happy I was able to find something at the store today to try on and buy. It’s the only thing I dislike about online shopping is that you never know what you’re going to get and is it going to fit or not. Also my only one problem with the Ottawa store is they don’t have a lot of the shoe styles in the sizes that are mine in stock.


image2Other than that I do love that we have a LTS location. So I’m happy with these shoes I also picked up some black shear tights even though I can’t stand tights/hose I know everything will come together when everything is on. Also these shoes will come in handy for dressing up skinny jeans and look great with my other clothing pieces.

image4I also want to say that I always have the best costumer service at this store. I’ve never had anyone be rude with me or anything and if anything they make me feel extremely comfortable. Big thanks to Ann P for today.

Happy Shoe Shopping

Over & Out.


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