Feelings & Some

So its been about 2 months since my ex and I have split. And there is still feelings there on both sides. We were talking last night as we tend to talk everyday still and I came out and asked if he still had feelings for me and he said yes. As I also told him I still do for him. I have learned a lot with in the past two months of people in general. And that 95% of people online are looking to get laid. Yup its pretty sad I think, just this morning I left one of the sites I was on because it’s not really the type of site for me and I know finding someone to date on it is next to impossible.

I don’t know at this very moment if my ex and I will get back together. I guess anything is possible. Things would have to change for sure such as getting complimented and not having to fish for them. Conversing would have to be much more than it was and I’m gonna say it but some form of sex. I can’t have a sexless relationship other wise it’s not a relationship period. Ya ya I know sex is not major important but it still is important for any healthy young couple. And I’m still human I still have needs.

Since splitting I have gone on 7 dates with 7 different people. I’m still in touch with one person we text here and there. And to be honest with you I’m getting rather bored of it all. Having to repeat to people what I do for fun and what music I like even after its in my profile is getting a tad bit irritating. Or after you give your number to people and text a little bit they get all perverted on you and then you have to use your block feature on your cell phone so they don’t contact you again haha. I’ve used it many times. Thank god for the iphone block feature haha.

Any who so ya I’m getting bored with the online dating thing. Think I’m gonna take a break from some of the site’s for a while. I dunno If I’ll remove my self from all of them just yet but slowly remove from most of them. Maybe I’ll keep two and get rid of the rest. Still have my ad up but just not log in for a while I’ll wait and see.

So ya that is whats new in my love life or lack there of. As far as my ex and I go you never know what the future has in store for you right. If we get back together of course that would be great but I don’t want to get back together to then fall back into the same routine. Some good conversations would have to take place and what we really want out of a relationship on both sides. Otherwise we can just remain good friends. Which is better than nothing at all at the end of the day right? right.

Over & Out


2 thoughts on “Feelings & Some

  1. Yeah maybe take a little break until the holidays are over. And you never know, like you said, maybe things will rekindle with your ex and things will be better than last time. But being friends is really nice. Good luck!

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