So before I go full tilt into the amazing news I want to set it up. I first went to this store back when it was named Tall Girl. The fashion was okay a little frumpy, Not very stylish and kind of blah. Then Long Tall Sally came around and the fashion became better than it has ever been. Finally clothing that was well made and stylish. Since then I have been wanting to work at this store. You could almost say its been my dream job. Not just because of the clothing okay well mostly because of the clothing but also because it’s located down town and the staff are always very friendly to me.

This past summer I went in for an interview I honestly was surprised then that I even had an interview because my lack of work experience but I was all excited I wrote about it, I posted it on Facebook about this big interview I got all nerved up and told everyone I knew of it. Well after the interview I thought to my self oops you told too much info you might have talked her ear off but whatever if its meant to happen it will happen.

I was called back later on that month and I did not get the job she had given the position to someone else. But that was fine because I was just so excited to of had an interview in the first place.

Fast forward to a week ago. I was on Facebook and LTS did another job posting on Facebook. So I went ahead and emailed my resume again. I thought ah what the heck it can’t hurt. But while I was on the website shopping I noticed that the manager was someone else. So I emailed my resume again then LTS told me to email the store location closets to me. So I did and I heard nothing back. I thought okay well at least I emailed them.

I thought at this point I will keep trying and till I get the job. I mean it would be a dream come true to work there. And I knew from my past interview the perks are amazing. Not only are you dressed head to toe in LTS fashion but you also get a clothing allowance, As well half off the LTS brand. What clothing fashion girl would not want perks like that lol.

Any who I was in the store on Tuesday picking up half of my shoe order. I had ordered some shoes online and part of the order was in and I needed shoes for a x-mas party that I am going to very soon. It sucked that the shoes that came in were not a great fit but I found a pair of Nine West shoes and loved them that I bought them. But while I was there I asked about the manager and she ended up coming out and we spoke a little bit. I had asked about the sales position and she gave me a tiny interview on the spot. But then a costumer came in and she was like be right back and I ended up talking to her boss. So then we chatted for like maybe 10 minutes I mean it sure felt like that. Anyways I ended up leaving my number with her and was told to email them my resume again and that she would be in touch.

I get home that day went right to my laptop and emailed my resume. I called yesterday to see if she had in fact received it which she did and asked if I could come in tomorrow which is today for an interview at 4pm I said sure. I went to my interview wearing dress pants that I had bought at LTS a few years ago. A copy of my resume and I gave my self a prep talk before hand so I would not be nervous. I was my self I shook her hand. The conversation was good and just like that she told me I had the job. She said I knew before the interview I just wanted to get to know you better. I made sure not to repeat what I had said in the last interview I had there with that manager. I did not say like to much or the word um. And I felt good obviously when she told me I had the job. I start on the 12th of this month and I’m super thrilled and excited.

Tomorrow night I’m getting together with my friend Julia for drinks to celebrate. This is just so amazing I’m so thrilled.

I believe everything is about time and positive vibes.


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