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This is my personal review of this mascara and I had bought it my self. I was going to wait and give it another shot but I’m not going to give it another shot. Don’t waste your money on this mascara unless you like clumped lashes. Even after the first two coats I had to use a lash comb to try and separate my lashes.

I was a little okay I was a lot annoyed at that. If your looking for a fake lash look then it’s perfect for you but personally I hate the stuff. The only thing I like about it is it washes off with warm to hot water. I do use makeup remover to remove makeup but I tend to first use warm to hot water to remove mascara with my fingers and then proceed to remove the rest with makeup remover call me odd but that’s me haha.

So ya I also don’t care for the wand either I don’t care that it sorta bounces. And if anything find it annoying, I also don’t like the thickness of the mascara it’s self it’s to thick and I think that is where the clumping comes from like it’s so think as soon as you put it back in the tube to remove it again its just yucky. Can you tell I’m not a fan!.

I know some people like clumpy lashes, but I don’t think it’s a great look and I’m not a fan of having it look like I have 5 thick lashes when I have way more then that on my lids. So ya that is my review of this crappy mascara don’t waste your money. Also there is no photo because it’s not worth taking a photo of.

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  1. Yeah I feel you! I got this as a sample but it really sucks if you ask me. Clumpiness deluxe šŸ˜‰ I dont know if you heard of max factor clump defy? That really does what it says, great lashes without clumps. See my last post šŸ˜Š xx

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