Weight Loss Update

So my last post was back in October. I had gone to the doctor about my weight and was measured and was weighing in at 163.6lbs. Since then my weight has pretty much stayed the same give or take a few pounds. My boyfriend had brought over his scale on Wednesday and when i stepped on his it was at 162.1lbs pounds. But after last nights celebration I’m sure I gained a few more pounds with the wine the deep-fried cheese sticks and the strawberry cheese cake that I had haha. I’m still working out everyday but nothing to crazy and I’m pretty sure my weight is staying in the mid 160’s range.

My doctor did tell me that it would balance it’s self out and I’m very happy to report that it has. Though I should mention I can probably fit into a size 6 now skirt or pants. Because I have a pair of jeans that are a size 8 and they are to lose on me. But it’s alright because I’m not worried about it. Also I wanted to mention some foods I still can’t eat even though I am now taking a probiotic for my IBS. It has improved for sure because it’s very rare that I even have IBS attacks which is amazing.

But as I said I am living a little. Like I do drink sometimes hot chocolate and just last week I had a glazed cinnamon donut mmm and that tasted so good. Once in a while will not kill you or throw you off your diet but I do think you should not limit your self. Of course first starting the weight loss I would say cut the crap out. But once you get to your goal weight I say live a little. Just know when is enough you know what I mean?.

Also what I was celebrating was a new job I’m going to be starting at a woman’s clothing boutique for tall woman. I’m excited because I not only get deals and get to wear the clothing head to toe but also because the price is not cheap for this clothing. But now that I have my new slimmer body wearing the clothing will be awesome. I’m so excited.

So that is my latest weight loss update have not really lost any more weight nor am I trying to and am happy in the mid 160s range. Also because this new job I will be waking early in the morning and I wont have time to do a full workout and till I get home. I will keep doing my 20 leg lifts in the morning because it will be good for my back and my abs. It also does not take that long to do. I’m sure the work I will be doing will be active as well but without being able to do my normal workout everyday I still want to do the leg lifts because I feel good when I do them. It only takes about 5 minutes to do every morning.

If you’re not sure what I mean this is what I do every morning. I do them on my bed but you can do them on the floor as well. Enjoy Talk Soon, Over & Out


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